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Connect to your inner wisdom, clarify your dreams, and transform your life. Step into your future of possibility and purpose with a Soul Path Art Workshop.

Soul Quest

February 15 - April 15
Soul Quest

Being offered for the first time, this special class spans 2 months in which you journey within to uncover the treasures hidden inside you and connect to your soul’s desire. If you are at a transition point in your life, are feeling there is something more calling you, this class will help you overcome barriers and transform your life. I share the techniques and exercises that lead me to the discovery of my own soul path in the Fall of 2016. From soul scribbles to dream collages to a final manifestation painting, you will experience the power of creativity to unlock your true self as you paint your dreams come true.

As with all Soul Path Art classes, no art experience is needed.

Bi-weekly online meetings (4 total) are recorded and available for you to watch again and again. includes two 30-minute 1-1 meetings with me, and digital class materials.


If you have questions about if this is the right fit for you, you can BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to find out more.


January 15
New Year, New You

Connect & Create with Fabric and Thread

10:00am - 4:00pm
Bolt Fabrics, Cornish, Maine

$125 includes materials

What will 2018 hold for you? Maybe the failure of past resolutions has you gun-shy, preferring to remain with the status-quo rather than risk failure. Start 2018 with a special Soul Path Art workshop designed to uncover your dreams and unearth the limiting thoughts that have sabotaged you in the past. Through creativity, visualization, imagination, and play we connect to our inner wisdom and create a unique piece of intentional fabric art. No experience needed. LEARN MORE

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January 21
New Year, New You

10am - 4pm
Mind Body Soul Wellness, Belgrade, Maine
$125 includes materials
What will 2018 hold for you? Is there a change or transformation you seek? Something that, if it were to shift, would have huge and positive repercussions in your life? The desire for growth and transformation is deep, the quest for unity and alignment is strong. It will not subside. Your soul is calling! Star the year out right with this special workshop designed to uncover the beliefs that have sabotaged you in the past, freeing you to transform your life. LEARN MORE

January 28
Connect & Create Clarity

1pm - 5pm
Mind Body Soul Holistic Wellness
31 Maple Street, Cornish, Maine
In this special January workshop we clarify our goals for 2018 and focus our attention and love on awakening the energy we need to bring them to fruition. Uncover the limiting beliefs that have sabotaged you in the past and create a powerful commitment to transformation. With a unique combination of creativity, visualization, imagination, and sharing we find our center, connect with our inner wisdom, and launch our dreams with an intentional painting for 2018! LEARN MORE

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February 11
Connect & Create

Leapin’ Lizards
Freeport, ME

If you desire love in your life, the place to begin is within. In this special love-themed workshop we will uncover the beliefs that have kept us from fully accepting, forgiving, and loving ourselves, and begin the important work of healing and releasing what longer serves us.

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I am always looking for new events! If there is an event, fair, festival for art, healing, or wellness that you would like to see Soul Path Art, pop me an email: larissa@larissadavis.com!

Soul Path Art Live Holistic Mystic Fair December 2, 2017

Check out the events calendar for details!

Coaching & Private Classes


I provide coaching to individuals in my studio, and remotely using video chats. This is perfect for you if your schedule does not allow you to take advantage of the classes above, or if you prefer more hands-on, personalized work, allowing us to focus in on your personal goals, and move at your pace.

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Trailing Yew Workshop 2017
Personalized Classes and Retreats

If you are a small group and want to do this work together, perhaps as a family or to deepen a connection with your partner in life or in business, I offer customized classes to accommodate these special situations.