Soul Path Live

One of my favorite things in the world is the energy of a festival. Everyone switches gears, slows down, and sets their mind on fun mode. This makes fertile ground for a Soul Path experience. It gives me great joy to be able to take the Soul Path on the road to share hands-on demos of Soul Path painting and creativity exercises.

The following list of Soul Path Live offerings will vary by venue.

  • Painting Marathon

    On a large demo canvas I create a new painting every hour using my accessible intuitive painting process while sharing info on basic color theory, materials, and the Soul Path process. I use a single canvas and paint over the previous image each hour. This teaches play, flow, spontaneity, and drives home the truth of the abundance of creative potential available to us at all times. In my experience people are captivated watching this process. Kind of like the pull to look when you drive by an accident on the road, people really want to see a beautiful painting covered over and replaced by something new

  • The Community Canvas

    At many Live demos you will find a large community canvas strung on the outside of my booth with paints and brushes and water available for you to use

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  • The Scribble Table

    Between large demo paintings, I demo several quick right-brain exercises which you are invited to try with provided paper, markers and crayons

  • Take the Stage

    I love to talk about what brought me to Soul Path work and the magic of life lived from the right brain! I share my story, and the work, inquiry, and magic that lead me to develop the Soul Path Process. When possible, I end each presentation by inviting the audience to participate in a group art experience on stage.

In this video I demo my Marathon Painting, painting over a previous painting.

Bring Soul Path Live to your Event

Drop me a line and tell me all about it!