Soulful Sunday


What is needed for someone to take the plunge, to dive inside and find out who they are, what they are made of and why they are here? What does it take to push past the resistance and ask ourselves what we are passionate about? What do we need to overcome our fears and step inside the dark cave?

For me, it took loss. This is not an uncommon story. Loss has been part of the human condition, propelling us into transformation, throughout history. And such a transformation is compelling. Any good book tells the story of a hero or heroine who changes in some significant way. Many of the most compelling TED talks are stories of adversity giving birth to something greater, a transformation.

Sometimes it takes a series of “losses” to get our attention. This was the case for me. One was not enough to propel me to overcome my fear of the great unknown, the dark cave within me, and step through the portal to the answers I sought. I felt a great divide within me. I didn’t even have names for the two distinct parts of myself I sensed. I just knew one had been running my life, and not leading me to any sense of happiness or satisfaction, and one was a quiet whisper I had ignored. My quest was to heal that break, to knit those two aspects of myself back together. It was a quest for unity, and it began with a pledge.

On February 17, 2019, I delivered the homily at First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Portland, Maine. I was blown away by this opportunity. It came as the result of following my inner voice, that voice I had been ignoring only a couple of years earlier. Why did I feel the urgent need to introduce myself to Frist Parish? I did not know, but I followed the inspiration and, within 2 weeks, I was talking with them about delivering a homily the following month. Yes, it was that fast. Laurie, the service organizer, got my email, came to my meetup to see what I was about, and at tea the following week she said, “I don’t know what you think of this, but I could see you delivering a homily as part of our service.’ And I felt that huge happy YES inside. Then she said, “and I don’t know if this is too soon, or if you are even available, but our theme for February is CREATIVITY, and I am looking for a speaker for the February 17th service.” And once again it was a huge YES!!!

What are you saying yes to? What are you pushing aside? What will it take for you to step across the threshold to the true you, follow that inner voice, and become who you came here to be? I ask myself these questions every day as I continuously renew my commitment to unity.

I invite you to do the same. Watch the video and see what comes up for you. How are you going to say yes to the invitation to look within? Let me know in the comments below. Then, join the conversation on in our private facebook group THE SOUL PATH NETWORK.




How have you bridged the divide and connected to your true self?

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Artist Larissa Davis teaches Soul Path Art, a creative process to connect to our passion, boost our intuition, restore our inspiration, and create the life we came here to live. Larissa began her own soul path journey in 2016 when a life change encouraged her to ask what was next and await guidance from within. After several months of the push-pull between logic (left brain) and intuition (right-brain), a dream illuminated her path ahead: using creativity and painting to heal herself and dream into her future. She lives in western Maine with her husband, two teen-aged boys, three cats, and many, many canvases.