Spirit Animal Painting Journey


Begins January 21, 2020



Learn how to paint your spirit animal with Soul Path Art and intentional painting. Build your intuition, set your intention, receive guidance, and make meaning changes in your life. No experience needed to succeed.

Rediscover your creative spark in this intentional creativity course. Much more than just a painting class, you will learn to work with intentions, mindfulness, energy, and discover the creativity-soul connection. Creativity will quiet your mind, boost your energy, and connect you to your inner guidance so you get really clear about what you want, what you need, and what you are going to do about it! And check out these other benefits you will experience:

Be present in the moment, feeling gratitude for all that is.

Reduce stress, surrendering your fears, finding self-confidence and trust.

Feel free using an anyone-can-do-this painting method.

Be in the journey without worry about an outcome. It is about the journey, not the destination.

Create art that is healing for your soul as you experience a powerful intentional creativity practice to infuse your art with your positive energy and desires

Meet your spirit animal through guided journeys and creative exercises

Discover the personal message your spirit animal has for you through creative exploration

Paint your spirit animal, learning Larissa's fun and easy intentional painting process you will paint to manifest the messages of your spirit animal and create healing art for your personal space.


See these happy faces? These women have connected to their creativity. They have faced doubt, fear, and self-criticism in the eye and said “not today”. They have found their personal freedom and connected to their creative souls. Joy, on the right, had never painted before!

“I am not the kind of person who has EVER signed up for an art class, but Larissa’s focus on the ‘journey’ and not the outcome allowed me to CREATE!”

Maureen T.

Why spirit animals?

Animals have been a source of guidance and self-reflection for humans throughout recorded history, and for me for as long as I can remember. From childhood visits to the “Dead Animal Museum” (AKA the Museum of Natural History) to my love affair with horses, animals have always been important in my life. And if you are here, the same is true for you!

But since the start of this new chapter of my life, my relationship with the animal kingdom has evolved to include my appreciation and understanding of their role as partners and guides on my path who show up to say, “Hey, you need a little more of ME in your life!” or “Yes, you are on the right track...”, or “This is BIG! Pay Attention!”

What you get

Spirit animal painting journey online live coaching course to build confidence and catalyze personal growth and transformation

5 live online group session provide support, feedback, inspiration and motivation as you progress through the class.

2-hour live PAINTogether session

4 in-depth video and pdf lessons guide you through all the steps needed to succeed in meeting your spirit animal and creating your spirit animal painting.

A private facebook group provides ongoing support and is an excellent way to keep in touch throughout the journey.

We begin January 21, 2020


“I look at my painting and the rich color makes me want to sing or yell with delight! And you got us to find so much ‘information’ about ourselves. So useful! And fun!”

—Betsy N.

What happens in the live group sessions?

Live group sessions are where we connect as a tribe to ask questions, share our struggles, rejoice in our break-throughs, and give and receive support. All live sessions are recorded so you don’t miss out.Sessions include time for individual check-ins so you can ask questions and receive guidance.

This course is for you if...

— You know there is more to life that what you are experiencing now

— You know you have dreams inside you ready to burst forth

— You want to make changes but do not know how

— You feel a call to your inner wisdom

— You crave a connection with others also on their soul journeys

— You are excited and a bit scared to begin this journey

If you resonate with any of the above, you will love this course.



Meet your brave creative guide

Hi, I am Larissa, your guide and support through this wild creative jouney.

When an unexpected life change prompted me to seek the deeper meaning in my life, I began the journey to find my passion and purpose. It began with a pledge not to make any major decisions or changes until I was listening to the voice within.

After several months, I had a dream that told me to use painting to heal myself and envision my future. I began sketching that day and immediately experienced the power of creativity to still my mind. Further exploration led me to the discovery of intentional creativity, and certification as a Creatively Fit Coach. Now, I passionately share this process I call Soul Path Art with other souls ready to discover their deepest inner wisdom, quiet the inner critic, release old stories, break through barriers, and live their dreams.

“Personal insights! Great interaction with Larissa and other participants...Absolutely fun!”

—Pam P.

Don't miss out!

Spirit Animal Painting Journey is only offered live once-a-year and our next live session starts January 21, 2020. I believe in the power of the group to promote growth and healing and personal transformation. Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity to join your sisters in wild creative exploration and personal growth.

xoxoxo — Larissa


5-Week Online Course

  • 5 live online group session
  • Two-hour PAINTtogether
  • 4 in-depth video and PDF lessons
  • Private Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to all materials and future live sessions


If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, simply send me all your work for the course and a letter explaining why you were not satisfied (so I know how to make it better) and I will issue a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss any of the group calls?
The best way to experience this course is to attend the calls live. But things happen, so all calls will be recorded and a link will be emailed and posted in our private FB group.

Do I get any 1-1 support?
YES!!! I want to make sure you get the most from this experience so you will have a private 20-minute call with me via Zoom to receive personal guidance on your journey. The link to book your session will be supplied when you register.

Will I receive a materials list for the course?
Yes. A full materials list is supplied when you enroll.


We begin January 21, 2020