Thank you.

Yes, you.

Maybe you think that because you simply stopped to read this post, or glanced at my booth at an event that I am not thanking you. But, I am. You have contributed to my journey.

So, thank you.

In January and February of this year I was swept up by a creative energy that inspired and drove me. It was so intense it was almost painful. My chest ached with the desire to create this business, even though I was not sure what it would actually be! The feeling was overwhelming and left no room to NOT do it. To not do it would be to give up on life itself. And yet, to do it was a huge unknown, and the scariest undertaking of my life. It meant a massive transformation.

On winter mornings at the gym, running on the treadmill, I was contemplating feeling this intense emotion and desire. And in my meanderings through Amazon Prime Music I discovered a song. This song became my anthem. It often moved me to tears, choking me up as I sweated and my legs strained. Yet, it also energized me, made me feel powerful, invinceable, and unstoppable.

I knew that If I was gonna make this happen, I needed a TON of that unstoppable and invincible energy. Barriers arise, dark caves loom, fears threaten. And so “Unstoppable” was born, a huge elephant quilt created with intention. The intention to make THIS happen.

And here’s to being unstoppable! To following your inner wisdom, and pursuing your dreams. Share how you have been unstoppable in pursuing change and transformation in the comments. And to find a community of like-minded people, join The Soul Path Network on Facebook.

You can read about how “Unstoppable” was made (and see photos!) here.