You were born free

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Born Free

A poem to heal the trauma of birth

I was born free

A force of nature

A piece of infinity

I grew within my mother's womb

And she was happy knowing soon

She'd be a mum to a darling girl

perhaps a child with hair in curls.

Yet the birth was not what exactly right

Under brilliant, blinding light

a magic pill did quell the pain

it was the way, unquestioned then

and mum, unconscious, did not feel

as I was born, it felt unreal.

as men in gloves and gowns and masks

using forceps gripping fast

placed hard metal on my head

Giving rise to deepest dread

As pulled I was into the light

Wrapped and swaddled, filled with fright

What unholy place was I in

Where was my mum, my dad, my kin?

Where was the breast and mum's sweet milk

to give my body blessed health?

Taken to a plastic box

and tagged so I would not be lost

There I lay in blinding light, all alone, was this my life?

Tagged and numbered, on the books, registered

a new live birth.


My darling little baby dear I would embrace you, quell your fear

Despite the way you feel right now, you be free

though you know not how,

someday your soul grace the land

Rising in your power, stand

singing songs, air fills your lungs,

sharing songs no one has sung

The gift you came to earth to be

buried down deep within thee

will never be forgot or lost, nay, it will rise at any cost

the song you are,

the song you sing

does liberty and freedom bring

It rises from your tender heart

At first it makes a quiet start

but as time passes, you will hear

the song you be grow loud and near

Your voice with confidence will rise as you turn your gaze up to the skies

and let all beings know you're here,

despite your start

despite your fear

Despite the lies you once believed

the lies that kept you small and weak

you remember who you are

why you came and traveled far

across the skies, between the stars

to be here


the gift you are.

My dear sweet child, you are born free

Unquenchable facet of infinity


who you truly be.


V is for…

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V is for...

On choice and sovereignty

Whether you are a yes or a no on the choice to receive a vaccine is deeply personal. There is nothing more sovereign than making choices regarding what happens to your body...the vehicle you, as source energy, use to navigate this beautiful planet. The road to my answer has been profound. It is the story of my body.

Seeing Green

In 2018 symptoms arose in my body that set off alarms in my mind. I did not want to think it or even say it…but it felt like everything I had ever heard about Lyme.

Two years prior I had found a bullseye rash and, full of fear, insisted on taking antibiotics for five weeks because I was convinced that was how to kill the Lyme.

When Lyme-like symptoms began in 2018, I was angry. Hadn’t I gone above and beyond with five weeks of antibiotics? Why was this happening to me?

The good thing was that the apparent failure of the antibiotics gave me pause enough to choose a different path. I dove into researching Lyme and learned that the antibiotics had not killed it but instead had driven it deeper into my body...into tissues where it had been incubating, waiting for the right time to re-emerge. The antibiotics had stimulated other problems as well, creating a ripe environment for other organisms to take up residence in my body. As I proceeded on this new healing path my diet changed dramatically. I read The Medical Medium and explored detox protocols through food. Except for two hiccups of fear, my path did not involve any big pharma drugs.

I will not go into every nuance, but I will say that what I have learned through both my body healing journey and my sovereignty path is that everyBODY is different. There is no one answer that suits everybody. A lot of what I did was to research, talk to people, meet with docs, read books…diving in deep… and then letting all that go and feeling my way. Just as it is with my creative expression, intuition has been key on my healing journey. I believe intuition is what guides us every step of our life, if we trust enough to listen. And the body is our best instrument for accessing that intuitive inner wisdom.

Speaking of body wisdom, I will share one powerful transformation that happened to me on my healing journey.


In May 2020 I was having a massive outbreak of what seemed like shingles. I was in bed for two weeks (it was that bad). I sensed it was a huge detox… something inside me coming out because my body was changing and not so hospitable to whatever had been making its home here. It was so painful that one night I used a medicinal edible to help me sleep. But it did more than this…it created a deep connection between my waking-ego-personality self and my body. Awareness flooded in as a deep inner-knowing that up until that moment I had viewed each health crisis as disconnected. At that moment I could see that it has all just ever been one story, one song my body has been singing from my birth until this now moment. It is my health story, my body story. And I had not been listening. The health crises were how my body got my attention. But in my deep disconnection from my body I had seen each symptom as an unrelated problem to be solved or, more truthfully, suppressed. On that evening in May I cried tears deep and long as I both apologized to my body and thanked it. I vowed to listen to it from that moment forward in all things, never again to override and ignore its wisdom.

Time to choose

And here we are at a time of choice. Across the globe vaccines are on offer, and in some cases on force, to men and women, girls and boys. In Washington DC a law was passed this month allowing kids as young as 11 to choose to get vaccinated without parental involvement. A law in New York has been proposed that would use concentration camps to consolidate men and women and children who are untested and unvaccinated.

It is time to choose.

I uphold my promise to follow the wisdom of my body. After detoxifying it, feeding it healthy food, and using supportive therapies to nurture its healing will I inject it with a vaccine with ingredients that scare me? No. This is the choice I make for me and my body.

Your choice is yours to make. No one can do it for you (though many may want to). Nor is this a time to choose based on what will make others comfortable. Only you live in your body, only you live with the results of your choice.

And so you choose…for you.

With deep love for you and the light you be at this pivotal time on our beautiful earth,

a woman, living, breathing, on the land and free

Support for sovereign exploration

Starting a journey of sovereignty can feel overwhelming. There are countless paths and people sharing their experiences and it can be hard to know where to begin. Below are a few suggestions. Pick one and see where it leads you as you follow your unique path.

A helpful, relatively quick explanation of sovereignty:

A group committed to putting the government back in the hands of the living men and women of the United States:

A firecracker Christian woman devoted to supporting local small businesses in staying open in the face of mandates trying to shut them down:

An Australian-based group with videos and resources for establishing yourself as a private living man/woman. The community is global with support for us in the USA as well:

For information on vaccines and detoxing your body, this site has helpful information and links:

P.S. if you have not seen it, the movie V is for Vendetta is fascinating to watch given at this moment on our earth. This is the 3-minute section where the true agenda is revealed:

The choice is yours

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The choice is yours

The truth unfolding

This is the post that will call you in or call you out.

I have debated writing this. Yet, when we speak the truth of what we feel and know for ourselves, it brings clarity for all. So, I will share what has been growing in me in hopes that you find your own clarity.

A story of sovereignty

Sovereign is an original painting by Larissa Davis for healing self-worth

In January 2019, I painted "Sovereignty.” At the time I associated sovereignty with spiritual freedom, our natural right to choose and live in the exact manner in which we are called. I believed the barriers to this were the thoughts and beliefs that circulated in us.

By the end of 2019, on the winter solstice to be exact, I received the clear direction that how I feel is my choice. “I choose to feel good” became a directive as 2020 began. The painting “Choice Point” explores this theme.

As 2020 progressed, the seed of life symbol guided me to get down to the essential building block of who I am. I sensed that this seed was the solid and immutable foundation I needed for all my choices to succeed. From that seed, limitless possibilities and choices would be possible and sustainable. “Limitless” explores this understanding.

In July, the theme of freedom returned for exploration. It was a few months into the change. Shelter at home had ended, but masks and new measures were becoming imbedded. The Freedom Series paintings explore freedom as a state of inner limitlessness from self-judgement and beliefs. See the exhibit here.

On Monhegan Island in August and September, I discovered freedom through play. Immersing my body in moving water brought a sense of play, excitement, and freedom. I shared words and songs with you from the understandings that were awakening in me. Songs, poems, and the new series “I set myself free” was born.

Choice Point: Sacred geometry visionary art by Larissa Davis

All this inner work was essential preparation for the next understanding.

It began to emerge three weeks ago. I was called to look more deeply into sovereignty. I believed that the only prison I was in was the one I created in my mind through fear, anxiety, unworthiness, etc. But I am learning that the restrictions we have within us are mirrored outside of us in a much more tangible way than I ever dreamed.

What does this mean?

Limitless: Goddess Seed of Life Art by Larissa Davis

That your sovereignty depends on both the inner work as well as concrete external steps to claim yourself as a living being of this land who controls what happens in your life, with your property, and to your body.

I am just beginning the process of researching and understanding. The implications are almost too much to believe. The information is vast, sometimes cryptic, and answers are not easy to come by. But I am committed to understanding how we, as living beings, children of the earth and stars, step fully into the freedom that is our right and create societies and communities of loving kindness for all living beings.

This is my truth.

I invite you to join me.

The choice is yours.

With love and appreciation for the being you are,


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