This is me after reclaiming my creative flow

Make 2019 the year you reclaim yours!

For years I was creatively blocked. I had all kinds of excuses (not good enough, not enough time, what was the point? Someone else was doing it better, etc). And then I discovered how to use art to change and transform my life.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

You may have heard this famous quote from Picasso. I completely agree with Picasso’s statement (with the understanding that artists are female, too!): we are ALL born artists. In our youth, our imaginations are alive and awake. We enter creative flow with ease. In fact, do we ever leave it? Ideas are always flowing in, and we are always expressing them through imagination, play, and creativity.

Losing our creative connection

As we grow up, our creative flow can be blocked by beliefs and ideas that we take on during our impressional years. Then we can get caught up in meeting our physical needs, raising kids, and so on. And as time goes on, our connection to creative flow, once a vital part of us, dwindles to a trickle. And once we lose the connection, we begin to:

— Doubt our skills
— Doubt our talent
— Question the value of creativity in our lives
— Doubt that we have anything of value to contribute creatively

And we have fears and beliefs that stop us:

  • — We have other things that are more important to do
    — Other people do it already and do it better than we do
    — We don’t have the time, money, talent...etc.
    — What will others think of us for being creative?
    — What will others say about what we create?
    — What is the purpose of what we are creating, anyway?

I became a graphic designer and convinced myself graphic design was meeting my need for creative expression. I had art supplies packed away in the closet for “someday.” I told myself art was a hobby. I told myself I was not an artist because I had never finished my art degree. I had kids, a mortgage, and never made creativity a priority. And when family asked if I was making art I felt guilt and shame and made excuses about why I was not creating.

The truth was I had lost my connection to my creative flow. When I did create, it was for a purpose...a gift from someone or a home decor project. I had no inspiration to do anything more. Life was challenging and busy, of course it was. But there was time for creativity. I just did not make time for creativity.

Reclaiming your creative flow

When we think and behave the same way for years (as I did) we create pathways in our brains, like superhighways, that take us from point A to B every time. So, if we think we are not artists, or our art is not good enough, or creativity is not important, or practical, or that it is a waste of time, we will repeat that pattern of thinking until we actively and diligently do something to change it.

Lucky for us, our brains CAN learn new tricks (new ways of thinking). But it takes focus, dedication, and a williness to abandon beliefs and thoughts that have kept us separate from our creative flow. And once we reclaim our creative flow, we feel unstoppable!

Becoming Unstoppable

Once I reconnected to my creative flow I felt unstoppable. I created “Unstoppable” who you see behind me in this photo, to keep that energy going as I launched this new chapter of my life. The truth is, when we are in creative flow we are unstoppable!

In May 2019 I will be leading an live online coaching course to help you step into your creative flow. To release the stories, memories, and beliefs that have you stuck in the past. To say goodbye to the fears and anxieties that keep you from taking that next step toward your dream.

Art is powerful. Let’s create together and move toward the life of our dreams!

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