Discover the Treasure Within

an invitation to enter your dark cave

In the past, I was happy for the arrival of the shortest day as a marker of longer days to come, warmer weather, and an eventual end to the winter.

But this year, because I entered some of my "dark caves," I have a different perspective. I took the plunge into my inner darkness and discovered some hidden gems, so tomorrow’s solstice holds a special significance for me. Tomorrow, I celebrate the darkness within and the treasures waiting there to be discovered.

The winter solstice seems to invite us to turn inward, to connect with our inner wisdom, slow down and focus on hearth and home so that we may stoke our inner fire. It invites us to reflect on what came before as we discover what is next. And the answers we find within will not steer us wrong. It is by looking within that we discover our treasures, like seeds planted in the dark earth of our being, just waiting for us to bring them into the light.

The result was that I felt empty. I sensed a shallowness in me. And looking over my life I can see it stretching back through the years. Even as a child, I remember feeling isolated. I had friends, but none were bussom buddies. It was as if I was living a life once removed. Whatever caused the disconnect between my physical self and my soul, it was firmly in place from an early age.

But this all changed in 2016 when I made the pledge that changed my life. I pledged not to make any changes in my life until I was unified. I said it aloud and alone. And everything all started unfolding from there. I had no idea what I was inviting, no idea that my life as a graphic designer would be cast into a supporting role as my passion, my soul path, revealed itself and took its rightful place centerstage. I had no idea that I would be willing to ask myself the tough questions, to think about my legacy, and to imagine what my legacy could be if I lived the life I desired. There is such power in this. It is important work. It is work only you can do. It is work that you came here to do...that we all came here to do.

The stories that always excite us are those of great transformation. Where a heroine takes great personal risk and emerges victorious. Emerges the champion.

What I am saying is, you are the champion of your life. No one else can heal your wounds. No one else can dive in there and discover your hidden strengths. That is YOUR task. That is your SOUL PATH. It is what you are called to do. It is your journey.

And on the flip side, there is no judgement. If you decided, heck, you'd rather not, then no biggie. The universe does not judge you either way.

But before you decide to stay safely on the surface, enjoying the warm water, I invite you to think back to the stories of heros and heroins who DO make the dive and emerge transformed. Think of how those stories make you feel. Envision yourself in their shoes, making the tough choices, giving it your all.

Then, think about who you will inspire when you take your own hero’s journey. You have some immediate thoughts, right? Your kids, a best friend, a parent, brother, sister. But that is just the beginning. Because as you take the dive and emerge transformed, your energy will shift. And that means that everyone you encounter will experience that shift. And even if they never know your story, never know your personal triumph, your hero’s tale, guess will make a difference. YOU make a difference.

So as we come to the longest night of the year, think on where you are, where you have come from, and where you are going. And as you turn your attention within, to hearth, to home, to stoking your inner fire, to discovering your passion, I invite you to ask yourself "what if?" What if I pursue this dream? What if I overcome this fear? What if I heal this wound?

This is a journey with an unknown outcome.

This is a journey with no guarantees.

This is an invitation to becoming you...

To knowing yourself...

To knowing your dreams...

And overcoming your fears.

So...what do you say?