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What is manifesting and how to manifest what you want

Tips for using your mind and intention to create the life you truly desire

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”
Abraham Hicks

Intentional creativity is at the heart of Soul Path Art and is a powerful way to manifest your desires. Through intentional creativity, art becomes a tool for connecting to your inner guidance, finding your path and your purpose, and dreaming into what you want. Because we are so focused when we create, creativity is an ideal medium for planting the seed of our desire and nurturing it into being (manifesting).

Read on to learn what manifesting is, obstacles to manifesting, and tips on how to use creativity to break through the obstacles and successfully manifest your desires.

What is manifesting and what does it mean to manifest?

By definition, to manifest means to show evidence of or to prove, to become apparent through the appearance of symptoms, and most simply, to appear. As an adjective, manifest means to be clear or obvious to the eye or the mind. So, in its essence, to manifest is to bring something into being. As such, manifesting is taking something as ethereal as an idea or inspiration and “making it so.” Manifesting is, in fact, the ultimate artistic act. To manifest is to create.

How to manifest what you desire in 3 steps

These steps will help you manifest what you want in your life.

STEP ONE is knowing what you want to manifest. What do you desire in your life? If the answer is not immediately jumping into your head, answer these three questions:

1. What is one thing you would change that would make the biggest difference in your life? You may think of health, weight, financial security, a loving relationship. Whatever it is, write it down.

2. Why do you want this thing? Think about how having this change in your life will affect you and the different aspects of your life.

3. Why don’t you have this thing in your life? Think about all the obstacles in your way. What is stopping you?

Once you know what you want to manifest, craft that into an intention. For example, if you want a new job, be sure to include the important details that will make it the right job for you. “I intend to have a new job” is not as powerful or clear an intention as “I intend to have a rewarding job I feel good about doing and which meets all my financial needs within 28 days.”

STEP TWO is using your imagination. You can do this through writing, or by closing your eyes and daydreaming. Let your imagination go to work thinking about having what you want. Explore how you feel when you have it. Really get into it and be specific. Imagine or write in the present tense.

STEP THREE is gratitude. When practiced consistently, feeling gratitude is a powerful way to manifest what we desire. I once was told by an older friend of mine of how she manifested the husband she desired by thanking God every day for bringing him to her. So take time every day to envision your intention coming to you and thank the universe for making it so.

Keep this up for 28 days.

Why isn’t it working?

Obstacles to manifesting what we desire

Manifesting can be done consciously, as above. But it also happens unconsciously. Our thoughts create our experiences. And very often our unconscious thoughts are creating very powerfully behind the scenes. The quote from Abraham Hicks at the top of this post sums it up. Whenever we engage our imagination, we create. And worrying is just using our imaginations to create what we do not want.

If we have a habit of thinking about the negative, worrying, feeling anxious, feeling depressed, or otherwise thinking negative thoughts that give rise to very strong feelings, we are creating the very things we do not desire.

As you work through the steps above you may notice thoughts that run counter to your gratitude and desire. This happens because when we take positive action in the form of thoughts and intentions, pre-existing patterns become agitated. You may not be aware of the negative patterns in your unconscious. But the truth is, if you do not have what you desire, it is because there is a pattern within you that is getting in the way. So, when you notice those patterns, thoughts, and inner obstacles, make note of them. Write them on a piece of paper, and then burn or otherwise release them.

what is manifesting: how to manifest

Above: Creativity is a really powerful and fun tool for manifesting.

Manifesting through creativity

Because manifesting is really creativity in action, painting and other art forms are ideal vehicles for manifesting our desires. I like to begin with a centering practice before I create. Then, as you create, your mind becomes focused and your thoughts become still. In that stillness, you can plant your desire and engage your imagination. Creativity is also a great tool for excavating our negative patterns (inner obstacles) in order to make space for our desire to manifest. Above is the start of my 2020 painting. All the items written came out of a gratitude visualization.


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What is manifesting: how to manifest
What is manifesting: how to manifest
What is manifesting: how to manifest

How to Figure Out What You Want in Life

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