Soul Path Art

Is Soul Path Art for you?

It may be hard to believe, but Soul Path Art is for everyone, regardless of whether you consider yourself creative. Humans are innately creative, it is in our DNA, (think cave wall drawings) but we have told ourselves stories to STOP us from expressing ourselves. Whether it was because we wanted to fit in (not stand out) or bought the stories that artists starve, are mentally unstable, or that only certain people have talent, most of us have stuffed our creativity away. And the results are not good. If you have stopped yourself from creative expression you may be feeling:

— Apathy — Indecision — Anger — Frustration — Trapped — Without purpose or meaning — Boredom — Stress — Fear — Procrastination

...just to name a few!

Embracing the creative you

When we cut ourselves off from creativity, we are cutting ourselves off from our true nature, from the flow of life, energy, and inspiration. Soul Path Art is a fun, playful, gentle reintroduction to your creative self and a step into a life that is energized and inspired. By introducing a regular creative practice, research shows you will be more energized and happier. Why? Creativity:

— Raises our vibration, increasing feelings of peace and joy
— Quiets our thoughts allowing space for our true selves to be heard
— Builds new neural pathways, giving us new ways of looking at every situation in our lives
— Inproves our ability to hear our inner wisdom and intuition
— Disengages the ego and left brain
— Brings us into the present moment, to-do lists and agendas evaporate
— Creates feelings of pride and accomplishment

So, even if you are terrified at the thought of picking up a paintbrush (actually, especially if this idea terrifies you!) or think you can’t draw a straight line, you will benefit from Soul Path Art. The exercises are simple, yet take you deeply into YOU, connecting you to the unique creativity that resides inside, freeing you from inner blocks, quieting the critic that keeps you from pursuing your dreams, and opening up a whole new flow of energy and inspiration which will impact every facet of your life.

Give it a try

Hop over here to try my favorite Soul Path Art exercise!

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