When the Muse Strikes

Staying open to the creative flow


Creativity? Bring it!

When creativity strikes, when the muse lands, it can be an incredible ride. It reminds me of the scene in Finding Nemo when the characters are riding the East Australian Current. It is a fast and fabulous experience that carries you along to a destination only it knows. Our job is to listen and follow the ideas as they flow in.

The other night I was working on a video to promote my upcoming EARTH workshops, and the idea hit to take a photo in front of one of the paintings that inspired the workshop. The video above shows the process of the photo shoot as it unfolded...awkward at first...and many of the photos that lead up to the RIGHT shot. It then takes you through the steps I took in Photoshop to form the image into what was in my mind's eye. It is a fast 45 second view of a creative process that took several hours.


And the end result astounds me ... it brings me to tears. I see so much in this image. Just like many of my paintings, looking at this image feeds me...it is my soul communicating something to me on a deeply symbolic level and it moves me. I see:

...The creator breathing life into her creation...The artist becoming the art...Me moving the creative idea from within to without. Me embodying the magic of the art...from my magic hands to hers...the possibilities are endless. All I need to do is be present and open and I can be the channel for anything.

Because of the nature of the muse, of "genius" as Elizabeth Gilbert calls it in Big Magic, we never know when it will land...when it will show up...so we just have to be ready, always, to receive and act when it comes. This is what being creatively fit has done for me...being creative EVERY DAY no matter what else is happening...making time for a soul scribble, for a few strokes on a canvas, or for a moment like the one in this photo...keeps my mind open to receiving inspiration when it strikes.

Creating also makes me feel good, and raises my vibration so I am in closer and closer alignment with the vibration of my soul, my inner being...the part of us that is ALWAYS in creative flow! And it does the same for EVERYONE. That is why I teach creativity as a tool for TUNING IN and TURNING OURSELVES ON! It is not the only tool for doing this... but it is the one I use and I have seen it work for others over and over and over again.

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How do you stay open to the creative muse?

How do you get tuned in and tuned on to your source? Share in the comments below.

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