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I was contemplating what to share with you about Soul Path Art and I had a lot of ideas swimming around with no clear direction. So I turned to my oracle deck. I thought it would offer a point of self-reflection. But I found much more.

The deck I use is the Ascended Masters. I actually pulled out my velvet bag of decks with the intention of using the Motherpeace tarot but, without thought, I reached in and grabbed the Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue. A mistake? I think not.

So, asking the master to come forward who had a message for me to share about Soul Path Art, I shuffled and cut the deck. 


I thought...really? What does this have to do with anything? I want to talk about the blank canvas and painting! But as soon as I read the description  it all became clear.

Hilarion is one of the masters featured in the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. available here.

And reading the description of this card, I realized that at its core Soul Path Art is a healing art.

I think about the people I have shared the process with, not to mention my own experience. I healed a great rift in me between my ego/left brain and my soul/right brain. I discovered a burning passionate fire within, a drive to share, and to help others find their own passions, break out of limiting beliefs, listen to their inner voice. And in workshops I have been honored to see others experience powerful breakthroughs:

A 16 year old girl confronting self-hatred to discover deep compassion and self-love

A woman in her 60s released from self-doubts and fears, on fire and pursuing her dreams

A women who lived life in silence, a wallflower, finding her voice

One of Hilarions gifts was for getting earth-bound spirit attachments to leave. And this is also an aspect of Soul Path Art. It illuminates the things that are attached to us such as old beliefs, thoughts, and ways of being so we can decide if they are serving our highest good. When they are not, they may just be holding on, like leaches, using our creative energy to survive. I have healed and seen others heal:

Limiting beliefs | Self-doubt | Self-criticism | Perfectionism | Fear of change | Fear of not being perfect |  Fear of not knowing  |  Fear of losing  |  Fear of being alone  |  Fear of not having or not being enough  | Fear of taking action  |  Fear of creating...

And that is just the tip of the ice berg.

Soul Path Art is a process you can use over and over on the journey to YOU. It will help you discover your truth, heal what needs healing, and  connect with your passion and purpose.

How does it work?

Soul Path Art uses exercises from personal growth and art therapy, combined with painting, drawing, and other creative activities, to get us out of the busy, noisy left-brain and into the calm, open, receptive right brain. Like me you may have tried meditation with limited success. It was only when I picked up a pencil and began to draw, when I picked up a painbrush and made marks on a canvas, that my busy mind quieted and I found that place of connection. Art brings us to a space where we can hear the thoughts that are not serving us, and we can step into new thoughts and feelings, harnessing the power of our imagination to create what we desire.

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