What if the answer to all your wishes were YES!?

Do you feel like our world could use a heavy dose of positivity!?


Here’s a fun way to make a difference:

Join the #YESextravaganza and help create more positive energy in our world!!



Join me, my Creatively Fit Coach friends and Whitney Freya and paint the word YES this September. You won’t believe the shift you feel inside! THEN we are all going to share our YES paintings with the world on Fall Solstice Weekend to bathe the world in positive energy! It’s fun, free, & all about making a positive difference to raise the vibration of our planet!


What do you really really want? YES!

Can we make a difference? YES!

Can we feel positive about what lies ahead? YES!


Get all the details and watch Whitney Freya’s timelapse video of one of her YES paintings below.


Say YES!