On my Canvas: May 2020 with visionary Soul Path Artist Larissa Davis

Larissa_Davis-SoulPathArtist-Discover-Your-Soul-Path There is no denying that our world is changed. And those changes are not just outside of us. For me, when quarantine started back in March, I took the opportunity to step back from almost everything I was doing virtually, and all in-person events were postponed or cancelled. I have taken the time to evaluate what I was doing and why. And I discovered that for most things I was doing, I was motivated by a sense of "this is what you are supposed to do to succeed." What I do know is that creativity is essential to me. It is part of my life, my healing, my self-expression, and my contribution to the earth and humanity.

Recently completed

I recently completed my first big painting of 2020. I started it just before the winter solstice.

At the winter solstice during a meditation I received the intention/affirmation “I CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD”... and also the awareness that it actually IS a choice. So, I created a painting for 2020 with this intention. Here is how it started, with a favorite play list, dancing, and a meditation on the coming year and decade.

Choice Point: How to choose your best self

Here’s how it looked after a playful painting session:

Choice Point: visionary artist Larissa Davis

And this is it completed. The name of the painting is Choice Point, and it celebrates our freedom to choose and choose and choose again as we navigate through life aligning to our calling. Choice Point is 48" x 30" x 1.25" acrylic on canvas. Find more information and art prints here.

Choice Point: Sacred geometry visionary art by Larissa Davis

In progress

On my canvas: May 2020 in the studio with visionary artist Larissa Davis

Limitless on the left is 48" x 48" and is a meditation on stretching yourself beyond perceived limitations to connect with the limitless possibilities and the field of pure potentiality. It features the sacred geometric symbol the seed of life, the perfect structure for limitless growth and expansion in alignment with your highest purpose.

“Bonita,” on the right, is a painting inspired by a dream in which I was directed to find the Bonita Tribe. I did not recognize the word so I looked it up (I did not even know, when I woke, if it was a real word)! Bonita is a Spanish word describing a woman who is enchanting, positive, free-loving, intuitive, kind, courageous, magnetic, empathetic, intelligent, humble, modest, down-to-earth, spontaneous, and independent. Bonita is featured in this awesome, get up on your feet and dance song by Shakira.

Feeling called to connect with Limitless or Bonita? Email me for more information.


Choice Point: How to Choose to Feel Good Flower of Life Exercise-cover Free Seed of Life Creativity Exercise

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