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Are you searching for more purpose and meaning in your life? Do you feel like something is missing? Do you feel called to do, be, have, or experience something more?

If these questions ring true, I am happy to tell you the answer is right inside of you! Your soul is calling and it knows exactly why you are here, your big picture, your divine path, your "why". Soul Path Art classes provide the tools to connect to your inner wisdom and take action to live your dreams. And no art experience is needed!

What people are saying

  • “Larissa helped me identify my goals with greater focus, and provided  exercises and assignments to help me achieve those goals with commitment to my creative soul. Larissa also guided me through a quick exercise that opened creative pathways and stimulated my mind’s eye and inner knowing. Larissa’s art reflects her deep connection with soul and demonstrates her ability to create from the powerful language of the unconscious.”
    Karen D.
  • “I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable Larissa made me feel. Before long we were digging deeper into my life in a mindful, fun, and creative way. Larissa has an uncanny ability to listen, guide, and create!”
    Barb B.
  • “I've known Larissa for a long time, but I was still a wee bit skeptical of her Soul Path Art exercises. But Larissa coached me through the negativity and I could sense I was smiling. I came to life. I could feel a sensation coursing through my body, lighting me up, and reverberating out—I was happy. 
    Cate P.
  • “I had the opportunity to be a part of one of Larissa's soul path sessions. I loved the way she guided us through a visual meditation. I had never combined art and meditation like that before and it was amazing! Larissa is great at guiding you on your own journey by coming from a kind, loving and non-judgmental place. I can't wait to do another session!”
    Athena D.

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Original Artwork

Some of my most popular paintings and artwork are now available as a beautiful set of 5 x 7 greeting cards. Great as gifts, or frame one for yourself!

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