Why I Create

Larissa Davis Artist

Hello my friend, and welcome. i am Larissa Davis.

We all long to be unified with the stillness and truth of who we are. We all feel at times broken and yearning for a peace we know is possible. Rushing through life, racing to keep up, distracted from who and what we truly are. We just want to stop and be still, finally able to hear the voice of our inner guidance and strength...and to shine our true light, unfiltered.

The art i create speaks to this yearning and supports this powerful transformation through which we are all moving.

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Women’s Creative Retreats

Horse heART Retreat with Larissa Davis and Healing Hooves at Eagle Hill Farm

Horse HeART Retreat

July 20-21, 2024

Join a healing creative experience with the horses of Healing Hooves at Eagle Hill Farm to locate and move beyond the edges of what you thought was possible. Experience hands-on interaction with the horses in a supportive, safe environment. Explore your dreams and goals through intuitive creativity to gain clarity and embody your truth more fully.

Find Your Wings 2024 Transformational Creative Retreat for Women

Find Your Wings

Transformational Creative Retreat for Women

September 15, 2024

Can you imagine yourself feeling free and light as a feather, having everything you need to step into the truest version of yourself? Join a sacred, joyous circle of women as you free yourself from what is weighing you down, find your wings, and fly!