I am Larissa Davis and I am an artist.

My art journey, truly a journey of the soul, began in August 2016 with a quest to unify myself and listen to the quiet voice of intuition within. In 2017, a dream showed me that I could use painting to heal myself and manifest the future. The morning after that dream I started creating and have never looked back (read more).

My art is a practice of connecting with my soul and source. The art I create is intentional energy work. Originals contain this energy signature in its purest form. Dive in and explore the art, reading the stories and intentions, or just exploring the images that speak to you.

Visionary Art by Larissa Davis

Original Art and Commissions

Art created with intention infuses the artwork with the energy of that intention. An original piece provides energy to support your life, home, or business.

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Feature my art in your business or gallery and schedule an opening event with Meet the Artist Q & A.

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Art Speak is a video series in which I share my process, and the stories behind the art I have created.