The Legacy Collection is a body of work spanning the time from my reawakening as an artist in January 2017 to the present. Most of these works are over 30" x 40". View the full Collection.

Larissa Davis Sovereign Collection 0215 Wings 086

The Sovereign Collection

i began the Sovereign Collection in February 2022 as an exploration of currency, what we value, and exploring creating my own currency...the currency of me! Sovereigns are collectable, tradable, mystery artworks which you order sight-unseen. Each is unique and original. They are created and released at the average rate of one per day and the price increases gradually over time, as supply drops. The current Sovereign price is just $44. Learn more and order your Sovereign here for today's price.

Artist Larissa Davis at Unleashed Fest New England November 6, 2022

Wanna dance?

On November 6, 2022, my art and i will be at Unleashed Fest New England... This first-ever event is a Mind, Body, + Soul Fest featuring practitioners from around New England offering services and goodies and workshops to support you, an Opening + Closing Healing ceremony to expand you, and a freeform Ecstatic Dance to unleash you! My art will be hung throughout the event space (at Brick South at Thompson’s Point in Portland), and i am excited to be offering a workshop on connecting with our innate creativity. But you know what i need? Women i love to dance with me! Wanna dance? Code WEDANCE10 saves you $10 on your ticket. Learn more.