Horse heART Retreat with Larissa Davis and Healing Hooves at Eagle Hill Farm
July 20-21, 2024

Bowdoinham, Maine

Horse heART 2024

A Transformational Creative Retreat for Women

July 20-21, 2024

with Healing Hooves and Artist Larissa Davis
Eagle Hill Farm in Bowdoinham, Maine

Women ... Horses ... Creativity ... A special connection

Many of us have been passionate about horses since we were young. Horses connect us to our inner strength and power, they encourage us to sense and communicate with more than words.

And our relationship to creativity is no less important. Through creativity, women heal, love, and bringing dreams into reality. Through creativity the connection to our intuitive inner wisdom is strengthened.

Yet it is all too familiar a tale that as we mature into womanhood our creativity and inner strength become filtered, quieted, and channeled into more “acceptable” expressions. By reclaiming our creativity and strength, we free our minds from the limits and controls the have tamed us. We reawaken the intuitive dreamer, the passionate child of nature, and the strong woman of integrity who knows who she is and what she desires.

This intimate retreat is an invitation to share, connect, and reawaken this part of yourself with the support of the horses, nature, and creativity, within a sacred circle of trust.

How the retreat is structured

The retreat takes place from Saturday, July 20th at 9am to Sunday, July 21st at 2pm. Below is an outline of how the retreat is structured. This outline is not complete and is subject to change.

Arrive Saturday a bit before 9. We will begin by getting to know one another and setting intentions together in circle. After this, the morning is devoted to you and the horses. Sally Hildreth provides support and guidance for a safe, gentle experience.

After a BYO lunch, you will have time to set up your camping spot before we begin our intuitive painting journey. Our creativity will integrate insights and reflections received from your time with the horses.

After a clean up break, before dinner you will have time to yourself to connect with others, be alone, walk, etc.

After a fabulous dinner catered by Nicole French, the day concludes with an evening fire ceremony.

Sunday morning you may rise early and walk the trails, sleep in, or sit quietly with your journal before breakfast. After breakfast (which we provide) you will experience a special horse activity before returning to the canvas to complete your Horse heART intuitive painting. We finish the retreat with a closing circle, reflections, and goodbyes. Catered grab and go lunch items will be available from noon-2.

You may want to know...

Do I need prior experience with horses to participate?

No experience with horses is needed. No riding is done, and all work with the horses is ground based.

Do I need to know how to paint?

Absolutely not. Larissa with be sharing a fun, expressive painting process where “mistakes” and “uh-ohs” are opportunities for magic to happen. There is no need to worry about making something fact, you are invited to throw our all your preconceived notions of what "beauty" is, and play with paint like a kid again for the simple joy of color, shape, and self-expression.

What about meals?

Chef Nicole French is creating a healthy dinner (Saturday) and lunch (Sunday) for us which will be catered to the needs of the group. Saturday lunch and snacks for both days are BYO. Sunday breakfast will be provided.

What does it cost?

The cost of the 2024 Horse HeART Retreat is $460. This includes all horse activities, paint, supplies and materials (BYO canvas), camping Saturday night, dinner Saturday, breakfast and a grab and go lunch on Sunday, and priceless memories, insights, and connections.

Where is the retreat being held

The retreat location is Eagle Hill Farm in Bowdoinham, Maine. We only have space for 8, so we encourage you to sign up early.

What do I need to bring?

A complete list of supplies and materials will be sent to participants in June.

intuitive painting for self-acceptance and self-healing with Larissa Davis

Sometimes all we need to help us overcome the fear of the unknown is more information. These videos will introduce you to intuitive painting, me, Sally, and even one of the horses.

Learn about intuitive painting and get to know me with this YouTube playlist

Meet Sally and one of the horses in this video created for our first Horse heART Retreat in 2022

Join the Horse heART Retreat

For this intimate retreat we can only accept 8 women, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible if you are feeling called to the experience.

Early Sign-Up Gift

Sign up in May and receive a free 1-1 coaching session!
When you register before May 31st (which makes planning so much easier for me!) as a thank you, you will receive a free 1-1 creative coaching session with me to and clarify your intentions and goals for your retreat experience. Coaching calls will be scheduled between June 20 and July 7 and are a $120 value.

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After you register

After registration you will receive a welcome email, preliminary packing list, and a questionnaire link to a google form which we ask that you to fill out by July 1 as it includes information about your dietary needs which we need for meal planning.If you signed up before June 1st, you will also receive an email with a link to schedule your 1-1 coaching call.

Larissa Davis Artist

About Larissa Davis

i have had a love of horses since childhood which has made them a prominent subject in my art. i was creative as a kid, too, and pursued first theater and then visual art in my teens, but gave it up for a more “realistic” career path. But when that 25-year career ended unexpectedly, i felt something deeper calling me toward a purpose and meaning that had eluded me. This soul journey lead me back to art as an expressive, intuitive, healing experience. i do what i do so that we can all reconnect with our soul’s calling and the true path of self expression.


About Sally Hildreth

Owner of Eagle Hill Farm and co-founder of Healing Hooves. Sally grew up in Maine but stayed in Maryland after finishing college. A life long horse enthusiast, she ran a boarding facility and competed in dressage and eventing. Returning home in 2003, she built Eagle Hill Farm on 150 acres in Bowdoinham. Compelled to share the experience of connecting with the horses, she opened the facility in 2017 to conduct equine assisted therapy sessions. Sally became certified as an equine specialist in 2017 under the Eagala model. Healing Hooves provides an accessible environment where the connection between nature, animals and people can create a grounding, meditative, healing and educational experience.

Got questions?

For questions about the intuitive painting part of your day, contact Larissa at For questions about the horse portion of the day, contact Sally at, and see Healing Hooves website at


What if i have to cancel?

Cancelations received by May 1, 2024 will receive a full refund minus a $10 administration fee.Cancelations received by June 1, 2024 receive a 40% refund minus a $10 administration fee.For cancelations received after June 1, 2024 there will be no refund.