The Birth of a Soul Path

In August of 2016 I recognized that fear was running my life. My soul and intuition were a distant whisper. Intellect, reason, my left brain, had been in the driver’s seat for years and the results were not good.

The spark that ignited this introspection was the departure of my 16 year old son for college. He had decided to go to early college and this shook my world. I became accutely aware that I was not finding that illusive happiness and sense of purpose we all seek. So I made a pledge not to make any major decisions until I was unified. And I set about listening, watching, and waiting for my soul to speak.

During this time of introspection I allowed myself to think and dream and imagine. There was a lot of soul searching, and there were tears. But once I began to imagine what could be, instead of focusing on what ‘should’ or ‘had to’ be, or more often, what was “impossible”, I was able to envision myself doing something that brought me joy and was driven by passion and creativity. But it was not until we turned the corner into 2017 that I began to get a much clearer picture of what this all meant.

In January 2017 I had a dream that called me to awaken my artistic self. It showed me art was a pathway to knowing and healing myself, and creating my future. After 20 years in graphic design I had found my passion and I decided to let it lead the way. At an art retreat with some friends in February, creativity rushed in, filling me with inspiration. I was up for hours working on the art project I had started. I simultaneously discovered my deep desire to help share what I was learning with others and to create in community.

As the winter turned to spring, my desire to create this thing was immense. It consumed me and at times was almost overwhelming. I was reading a ton of books (Big Magic of course, but also Dying to Be Me, Steering By Starlight, and a handful of books on art therapy.)  I knew that creating it, bringing this dream into being, would take strength and resolve I had never tapped into before. The intensity of my desire was powerful and painful at once. It often brought me to tears. I recall talking with family and friends about it. "Well" they said, with the kindest of intentions, "even if it doesn't work out, you will always have your art."


But the thought NOT creating this thing was more painful than any fear Ihad about doing it. This feeling, this desire, was intoxicating. I know now that I had been visited by a creative energy, something that wanted to become manifest. At the time al I knew was that I never wanted to lose it. So, in order to help make it happen, I decided to call in some powerful energy. An energy that would make me unstoppable, would push me through all barriers I encountered along the way. And what better energy to help me with this than the elephant? And not just any elephant, I knew this had to be a BIG elelphant. As big as my dream!

So “Unstoppable” (pictured here) was born, a near 7' tall quilted elephant. You can read all about how it came into being here. This was the first piece of art I made with intention. It was a meditation on all that I wanted to create with Soul Path Art.

Over the course of 2017 my new business, my soul path, came into clearer and clearer focus. In July the universe gave me another nudge, taking my main graphic design client from me. I realized it was time to get my butt in gear and get out there! My first official appearance in public was at the Brunswick Outdoor Art Festival on August 19th, 2017.

Soul Path Art was born. Its mission, to help you boldly go where only you can go! To dive into yourself, to connect completely with your soul’s wisdom and guidance, and courageously share your magic, your spark, with your tribe. I do this because when one of us blooms, when one of us steps into the fullness of our potential, facing the fears, the self-doubts, the limiting beliefs that have weighed us down and stopped us in the past, the effects of this transformation are beyond anything you can calculate.

So be brave. Take heart. The journey may seem scary. The path may be unfamiliar. But it is yours. It is unique to you. And only you have the answers. Only you can find the way. Through intention, through dreaming, through imagining, and through creativity you can be the YOU you came here to be!


*Curious about the art in the photo of me at the top of this post? Read the story here.


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