Choice Point: How to choose your best self

Choice Point

How to Choose to Feel Good and Be the You You Want to Be

If you struggle with making choices that keep you moving toward your best self, you are not alone. Recently, I learned about the idea of Choice Point,* a great tool to help you make choices that are aligned with your dreams and values. What follows is an exercise and story to help you reclaim your power to choose what is in your highest and greatest good.


I am Larissa, and for much of my life I had a hard time making choices. My choices were mostly unconscious, and the outcomes were all over the place. But through my work as a Soul Path Artist I have rediscovered my voice and reclaimed my personal power to be the chooser in my life. Even when the world goes crazy, your power of personal choice allows you to react, think, and respond in your highest good. It is my goal to share tools to help you do the same.

For many years I was unable to make decisions. I did not feel that I was in control in my life, but rather that life happened to me and I was living in a constant state of reaction and crisis management. At the root of this was my disconnection from my soul and my soul's purpose. Without that anchor, I made choices that lead me in all different directions, and left me feeling exhausted and as if I was spinning my wheels. If you can relate, you will benefit from this exercise to take back your personal power of choice to live your best life.

How to Choose to Feel Good with Affirmations

I recently completed my first big painting of 2020. I started it just before the winter solstice.

On the solstice I was blessed to participate in a meditation and gathering with Sally Kempton, Yogi and the author of Awakening Shakti. I was feeling a whole ton of shame, in the midst of a self-hatred party where the inner mean girl was telling me how wrong I was, how badly I was doing things, and a bunch of other completely unhelpful things that made me feel like throwing in the towel. The solstice gathering was just what I needed. When the gathering was over, I felt a desire to use the canvas as a way to integrate everything that I had learned. One of the things we did in the meditation, which I shared with y’all in the New Year Mandala Exercise available here in the Free Resources Library, was to reflect on three things from 2019 and to dream into three goals for 2020. So I took all that information and I started writing on the canvas, creating a mandala for manifesting. As I was writing I very clearly heard the words “Choose to feel good.” I wrote them on the canvas. This is what the painting looked like at this point.

Choice Point: How to choose your best self

I wrote them again. The more I wrote, the weaker the negative thoughts became until soon, all of that shame and negative self-talk evaporated. I felt light and free.

Try This... Whenever you feel yourself getting mired in a negative spiral take a breath. Take another. And repeat “I choose to feel good” until you feel a shift toward lightness.

How to Choose to Feel Good with Sacred Geometry

A few weeks later I was doing some shadow work, which you can read more about here. I was working with a person toward whom I was feeling a lot of envy.

As I considered the qualities and the traits of this person that I admired, I thought about the way they have followed their soul’s calling and created a soul-based business that has depth, integrity, stability, and scalability. There was an authenticity and depth of character in this person and her business that was calling to me. And as I was contemplating this an image came into my mind of the Flower of Life.

Up until that moment I had never paid any attention to sacred geometry. Literally none. But as that image came clearly into my mind I felt my body respond to it. And I knew that the image was a key that could unlock those same qualities of depth, integrity, stability, and scalability i me.

For more information on sacred geometry and the flower of life...if you have the time, this information-packed video is awesome.

Choice Point: How to choose to feel good

Choice Point: How to choose to feel goodReturning to the 2020 painting with the “choose to feel good” theme, I started creating the flower of life. What I created was not perfect, but even in the imperfection I felt a kind of healing coming through. Later, when I learned more, I realized I was actually creating the central flower that is formed by the first seven circles of the Flower of Life. It is called the Seed of Life, and also known as the Genesis Pattern (interesting connection with the seven days of creation and the seven circles in this symbol). I realized also that the Seed of Life was exactly the medicine I needed as it is the building block of everything. And in it there is stability, integrity, and the structure for scalability. So it’s exactly the template of stability and structure and scalability that I was looking for in my life and my business.

Choice Point: How to Choose to Feel Good Flower of Life Exercise-cover Create the Seed of Life with this Soul Path Art Exercise

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The Power of Your Choice as an Energetic Reality

Once a painting is complete, there are some steps I take to finish it. And the first step is to paint the edges. I use deep, gallery-wrapped canvas frames with side edges are 1.25" deep and when a painting is complete, those edges are mostly still white, with some paint and drips from the painting process. They are basically a mess.

The other night I started this process for this painting. I had painted three of the edges and was doing other things while they dried when Jeff came to the door of the studio. The painting was facing him so all he could see was the front. “Now it looks done, what did you change?” He asked, scanning the painting for some small addition. But the only change was those edges, which he was unable to see from where he was standing. Yet he was sure I had done something different to the surface of the painting. So what does this mean?

It means your CHOICE has POWER. When you choose something there is an energy that shoots out from you into the space around you which is connected to the energy of the entire universe. If my choice to complete the painting, to say it was done, can create that reality in someone’s perception, imagine what choices about more important things can do. Imagine how using your POWER OF CHOICE can change your life.

Choice Point: Sacred geometry visionary art by Larissa Davis

How to Choose to Feel Good with Intention

The key to creating change in your life and moving toward being the you who you want to be is in your intention. And that intention must be in alignment that the seed of life in you...that core building block of who you truly are. Making choices from that core structure, that building block of YOU, is the key.

I named this painting CHOICE POINT because the way I see are the choice point*. Choices come to you in the form of opportunities, circumstances, situations, relationships, diagnoses, pandemics, etc. Some of things may not seem like choices to you, but you ALWAYS have the power of choice. You choose how you respond, you choose what you think, you choose what you believe. In those situations you are choosing one of two move toward the you who you want to be, or to move away from it.

Choose to be Your Best Self By Knowing Your Seed of Life

Every choice is going to either move you closer to the you who you want to be, the unique Seed of Life you are, or away from it. But don’t worry. Even when you make a choice and later realize it was not the “right” one... you can choose again. Life is an endless procession of choice points, and at any moment you can simply make a different choice. Below are some tips for getting to know the unique Seed of Life within you so that you can bring your choices into alignment with you true self.

You build your Seed of Life by identifying your goals and values. Grab a journal and something to write with and spend a few minutes responding to these questions:

  • — What matters to you?
  • — Who do you care about?
  • — What sort of person do you want to be?
  • — How do you want to treat yourself, others, the world?
  • — What do you want to do more of?
  • — What do you want to do less of?
  • — What do you want to do differently?
  • — What do you want to stop doing?
  • — What do you want to start doing?
  • — How do you want to feel?
  • When situations arise that require you to make a choice, ask yourself what choice is most in alignment with your answers.
  • For complete instructions on creating your Seed of Life, download the free Choice Point Exercise in the Free Resource Library.

*Choice Point is a tool described in the book The Weight Escape

Choice Point: How to Choose to Feel Good Flower of Life Exercise-cover Free Seed of Life Creativity Exercise

Includes complete instructions on how to create the Seed of Life and seven-step journal exploration activity to help you choose in your highest good.

Available in the Free Resource Library packed with creative soulful tools.

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Choice Point: How to choose to feel good