Clearing today took an unexpected twist.

I recently started a class on Clearing through Daily Om. I am not too far into it and I am already finding so many benefits. There are things I hold onto because of an intention to use them someday. There are things I have because they were given to me by someone I love. And there are things I hold onto because of an unkept promise. This was one of those things.

I do not recall how it came into our possession, but somehow we had a wooden chicken with a clothespin head intended for holding small papers. I have since learned this is intended to hold a recipe, which, in the day of index card recipes, would have been very handy. Now we need phone and ipad stands to accomplish the task. This chicken was cute in a country, crafty kind of way, but I never used it for holding small pieces of paper (or recipes). So one day, many years ago, I was on a de-cluttering binge and this wooden paper-holding chicken landed in the donation pile.

When my son Phoenix (who at the time may have been 8 or 9 years old) saw it, he picked it up and wanted to keep it. I explained how it just was not being used, we had had it for years, it was cute but... to which he responded “Let’s turn it into a dinosaur!”

I had no idea how to turn it into a dinosaur. But I wanted to follow his inspiration. I wanted to show him how to carry an idea from inspiration to physical creation. But something held me back...I think it was self-judgement or possibly perfectionism. It was something I was steeped in back then. Thankfully, this is not so much of a block any longer. But I recall telling my husband about the idea in that way that I do when I am hoping to hand a project off to him. It is a subtle energetic thing I do...I am not proud.

He did not take the bate.

And so, the wooden paper-holding chicken stayed in our home. Every time I looked at it I remembered the promise, the inspiration. And I kept on doing whatever I was doing. I was avoiding...that’s what I was doing! And thus it remained a chicken until today.

Actually, the transformation began a couple of days ago when I was again looking at this wooden paper-holding chicken and feeling a familiar pang. If you are a parent you may be familiar with it. It was a pang of the guilt of an unfulfilled a promise.

So, I picked up the chicken and brought it to my studio where I painted it green. I still was not sure how to make it a dinosaur, but I knew changing the color was a good first step. And this is a tip ya' do not have to know every step in the process when you begin. All you have to know is that first step. For me, I knew painting this chicken green was a solid first step. How would I make the scales? No clue...but I trusted the inspiration would come. Take the first step to start moving the energy.

And sure enough a few days later it arrived. a sheet of purple craft foam, a glue gun I had unearthed while clearing, and presto...I had a way to create not just the spines on the back and head, but a tail!. As I was working I got excited when I realized I could also make teeth. That is how creativity works. Ask you then let it go...the inspiration will come.

I was really excited to show it to my son (now 15). I thought for sure he would remember his desire to turn it into a dinosaur. He got home from school and I proudly showed him. He knew exactly what it was...and then he said "The chicken! You turned it into a dragon!" Yes, you heard that right...not dinosaur...dragon. It is not that he forgot he had asked for a dinosaur. Nope. But once again he was able to see what I had not. The wings of the chicken which I had tried to camoflage were, to his imaginative eyes, really the beginnings of the folded wings of a dragon.

How the heck to I make dragon wings?

The dragon is back in the studio, while I await further instructions.

Clearing is energy work

In the meantime, something miraculous happened.

The energy of the guilt of the unkept promise was released. And I feel lighter, I feel in the flow. I can see now how I was using a lot of energy RESISTING the inspiration! That is the real gift of this story...and of clearing as a practice... moving stuck energy. Through this experience I have found emotional freedom. The space I am clearing is inside of me. Whatever healing work you practice, be in painting, or yoga, or EFT, or dancing, or crystals, or.... it is ALL about keeping the energy flowing. I love knowing that every action I take, even something as simple as making a crafty wooden chicken into a homespun dragon, when done with intention and awareness, is moving me forward on my journey to me. Releasing blocks, healing, becoming.

Your turn

What items in your home might be holding you hostage? How can you move the energy and find freedom?


  • Jed
    November 3, 2018 Reply

    Love that story!

  • michele
    November 2, 2018 Reply

    I loved this! I do all sorts of crafts and I end up with a mess- doing nothing creative. By clearing it up, I re find things and my inspiration to do them!!!

    • Larissa Davis
      December 13, 2018 Reply

      That is so cool! I have found that sometimes just donating what I am not using increases my appreciation for what I do have, and inspires me to use it!

    • Larissa Davis
      November 4, 2018 Reply

      Yay Michele! It is so wonderful when you find the things AND the inspiration still alive and kicking with them! xoxoxo

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