Find Your Wings Retreat 2022 with Larissa Davis and Leah Wentworth
September 30 – October 1, 2023

Arundel, Maine

Find Your Wings

A circle of women journeying in trust, discovering our truth, and finding our wings.

September 30 – October 1, 2023
Arundel, Maine

with Transformational Coach Leah Wentworth and
Creativity Catalyst Larissa Davis


Hello dear woman!

We created this retreat on a foundation of appreciation for the healing power of nature, creative self-expression, and women in sacred circle. Find Your Wings is an invitation to join with your sisters, be witnessed, explore your limits, and stretch your boundaries. It is an invitation to dive within and rekindle the fire of your connection to your truth. It is an invitation to reunite with nature, reconnect with your natural-born creativity, hear your inner wisdom, and express your authenticity.

It is our experience that we each have all we need within us: the truth of us, our authentic self, lies like a buried treasure waiting to be uncovered! Our path in life is to uncover that authenticity and shine our unique, brilliant light unfiltered. During the Find Your Wings Retreat you will reconnect with your authentic self, receiving guidance and inspiration, and unfurling the wings that have always been yours.

Why Join this Retreat

— You feel called to quiet stillness

— To be in the healing support of a sacred circle of women

— To learn tools to help you stay true to YOU every day

— To reconnect with your inborn, creative self

— To experience a creative practice to strengthen your intuitive knowing

— To be immersed in and guided by nature

— To create clarity on a specific area in your life and how to move forward

— To find the wings that have always been yours

The Structure of the Retreat

Find Your Wings is happening on Leah’s 100-acre family farm in Arundel, Maine. We begin Saturday afternoon. When you arrive, we will be there to welcome and orient you. Take a breath... settle in. Walk the woods trail, enjoy the open fields and pond, and attune to the vibration of the land. Find a space to set up your tent, or select a spot in one of the group tents, and receive your Welcome Guidance prompt.

We gather at 6pm for a vegan, organic farm-to-table meal created by Frinklepod Farm, followed by our opening fire circle, with intention setting, songs, and sharing. Sleep in the great outdoors, under the stars, connecting with nature and your inner being for a night of dreams and rest.

Sunday morning breakfast is from 7-8:30 and you are free to explore, rest, journal and connect with others until we officially begin our day at 9:00 am.

Your morning will unfold with an integrated journey as Leah and Larissa guide you through a series of inquiries and exercises to identify your authentic self and bring her to life through journaling, sharing, creative expression, embodiment, and nature.

At lunch we enjoy another delicious vegan farm-to-table meal from Frinklepod Farm. This hour offers time to eat, relax, reflect, connect with one another, and explore the land.

In the afternoon your journey continues with a deeper exploration into your intuitive painting and creative expression on the canvas.

The closing circle provides an opportunity to share reflections with the rest of the Wings tribe before departing from this special place and experience at 6:00pm.

Leah and Larissa recognize that an experience like Find Your Wings is powerful, and navigating reintegration into day-to-day life can feel challenging. To support you in integrating your Winged Self in your everyday life, there will be a 1.5 hour Zoom call two weeks after the retreat.


“There is so much I could say about the day of Finding your wings, with Leah and Larissa. It was playful, yet profound. I was able to look at some deep questions and approach them with colorful paint and freedom to make art, cover it up, do it again, and change it if I wanted! I was able to overcome my fear of “making a mistake”, because I saw that there weren’t any mistakes, just different ‘try’s’. It was a lovely day, and Leah and Larissa are both nurturing and enthusiastic coaches on the road to finding our wings!!!”

Find Your Wings 2022

Why we paint

We paint because it heals. Larissa, always creative, had abandoned art and pursued a career in graphic design, but when midlife arrived, she felt called to embody the truth of herself. It was a dream she had in 2017 which showed her that art, and specifically painting, was the way. The dream expressed how painting could heal our deepest wounds as well as be used to envision and create our future. Since then, Larissa has been exploring ways painting can help women heal and transform. Why does painting heal? It quiets the busy mind and allows the body to enter its parasympathetic, healing state. Painting opens communication with our intuition and helps us see what needs to be released because it is no longer serving us. When we paint, we connect to our true nature as creative, dreaming beings. And this ability is not limited to special few. Creativity is inborn in each of every one of us. You are an artist. During this retreat you will experience a painting practice to support you in finding and embodying your true, creative self.

Do I need to know how to paint?

Absolutely not. Larissa will be sharing a fun, expressive painting process where “mistakes” and “uh-ohs” are opportunities for magic to happen. There is no need to worry about making something fact, you are invited to throw out all your preconceived notions of what "beauty" is, and play with paint like a kid again! The process you will be using is simple and fun and something anyone can do. Larissa made this video to show you how simple it is!

How do I know if this retreat is for me?

Wonderful question! Leah created this video to offer support and guidance as you find your YES. We also suggest youjoin the Find Your Wings Online Mini-Retreat to get a taste of what this experience will be like.

How much does the retreat cost?

The cost of the retreat is $297, paid in two parts. $272 is paid when you register, this includes all activities, vegan, organic farm-to-table meals, and paints (you will bring your own canvas). The required camping fee is $25 which is paid for through HipCamp. You will receive instructions for completing this step in your welcome letter after registering here. If finances are challenge, please contact Larissa or Leah to discuss the possibilities.

What about the weather?

This retreat is mostly outdoors and is weather dependent so we will be keeping a close eye on the forecast. In the event that we cancel the event due to weather, we will reschedule and offer the option of a full refund.

Where is the retreat?

The retreat takes place at Neverdun Farm in Arundel, Maine. We are keeping the retreat small, so we encourage you to sign up early.

What do I need to bring?

  • A complete list of supplies will be emailed 2-weeks prior to the retreat, but this will get you started.
  • — Water bottle to keep you hydrated
  • — Sleeping Bag and Pad
  • — Headlamp/lantern/flashlight
  • — Camping/folding chair
  • — A towel and swim suit if you want to take a dip in the pond
  • — Toiletries and sleep attire
  • — Comfortable shoes for walking
  • — A journal and favorite drawing pens, markers, and on-the-go journaling supplies
  • — Layers to keep warm for time outside

    Clothes that are comfortable and you do not mind getting paint on. Acrylic paint, once dried, is permanent

— Snacks

— Any needed supplements and medicines, as well as all you need to protect your skin from the sun and insects

– A canvas, (Larissa recommends 24" x 36")


— BYO art supplies! If you have a stash of favorite supplies or items you have not used in ages, bring them along. We will be using acrylic paint, paint pens, and stencils.

Note: A complete list of recommended items will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior the retreat.

Part of the Wings Retreat series? What is this all about?

This is the second Find Your Wings Retreat. Each retreat in the series is uniquely designed to help you connect within and express your creative, authentic self.


Ready to Find Your Wings?

Find Your Wings Transformation Creative Retreat for Women with Larissa Davis and Leah Wentworth

We would love to have you! We only have room for 12 women, so if this experience is calling to you, sign up below to reserve your spot.

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About Larissa and Leah

Find Your Wings Retreat 2022 with Larissa Davis and Leah Wentworth

Leah has a ton of “tools in her tool belt,” from Health and Life Coaching to Tapping, Psych-K and Reiki ... but what really lights her up is collaboration and transformational experiences with and for women, with an emphasis on embodiment and the healing power of being in nature.

Larissa is a Transformational Artist and Creativity Catalyst sharing artwork and experiences to support you on the journey of self-discovery.


More questions?

Check out these videos.

For questions about the painting part of your day, contact Larissa at

For questions about the journey to your authentic self, contact Leah at, and see her website at


By registering you understand that you are holding a spot and that registrations for this retreat are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend you may transfer your registration to a friend. If this happens, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing Larissa or Leah and sharing the name, email, and phone number of the woman to whom you are gifting your spot. If you are unable to gift your spot, we will do our best to fill it and, if we do, you will receive a refund of the amount you paid minus $25. In the event that we cancel the event you will receive a full refund. Thank you!