Find Your Wings Retreat 2022 with Larissa Davis and Leah Wentworth

Arundel, Maine

Find Your Wings

TBA 2024
Arundel, Maine

with Transformational Coach Leah Wentworth and
Artist Larissa Davis


“There is so much I could say about the day of Finding your wings, with Leah and Larissa. It was playful, yet profound. I was able to look at some deep questions and approach them with colorful paint and freedom to make art, cover it up, do it again, and change it if I wanted! I was able to overcome my fear of “making a mistake”, because I saw that there weren’t any mistakes, just different ‘try’s’. It was a lovely day, and Leah and Larissa are both nurturing and enthusiastic coaches on the road to finding our wings!!!”

Find Your Wings 2022

Details about this event are coming soon.