Full moon release ritual for personal growth and manifesting

Full Moon Release Ritual for Personal Growth and Manifesting


You have dreams, but you feel stuck. You know what you want, but there is something, just out of sight, that is stopping you. Like invisible cement blocks tied to your feet, the stories and beliefs running through your mind stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.

Limiting beliefs and old stories run like an old song you can't get out of your head. These “songs” have to be released in order for you to step into the life you desire. Below you will learn a simple ritual to identify your fears and limitations as well as your dreams and goals and then hand them over to the universe (the release!). This ritual will free up the energy you need to pursue your best life. It can be performed at any time of the moon cycle, but the full moon is a particularly supportive time. Harness the power of the full moon, stop putting your big dreams off for “someday,” and start living your best life now.

Full moon release ritual for personal growth and manifesting

Preparing for your full moon release ritual

Prepare for your ritual in advance so you have everything you need. If possible, perform this ritual at night. For added potency, time your ritual to the moment when the moon reaches fullness. You can search online for full moon calendars that list the exact time.

What you will need

— A candle, matches, or lighter
— A ceramic or metal bowl
— Two pieces of paper
— A pen or pencil

Writing what are you releasing and calling in

At some point before the time of your ritual, allow yourself 30-60 minutes to do the following:

1. Set your sacred space or altar. This can be a special place inside our outdoors where you bring your candle and center yourself.

2. Intention and grounding is the single most important part of this ritual. You want to be grounded and clear in your intent. To clear away negative, destabilizing energy sit or firmly plant your feet on the ground. Take a few deep breaths, envisioning pulling energy up from the earth with each inhale, and growing roots from your root chakra or the soles of your feet with each exhale. Continue until you feel grounded, calm, and present.

3. Now, write your ‘Things to Release.’ Write the feelings, circumstances, fears, and worries that no longer serve you. This can be a list or a narrative, whatever feels best. Be honest with what you’re releasing, no one is going to read this except for you (and the universe).

4. On another piece of paper create the ‘Things I call in’ list. Include everything you want to call into your life... feelings and circumstances that you welcome and want more of.

Full moon release ritual for personal growth and manifesting

Full Moon Release Ritual Burn Ceremony

When the moon is full, or at the time you have chosen for the ritual, you will begin with your Things to Release list. For this you will need your lit candle or matches/lighter, and a dish or jar to place your lists into after they are lit. Start by reading the list aloud. Then, as you burn it, speak aloud something along these lines:

“Dear Universe (substitute your word) I no longer need the lessons that these feelings, things, or circumstances would teach me. If I haven’t already, I vow to learn these lessons in a different way that feels better and opens my heart.”

Next, read your Things I Call In list aloud. Then, as you burn the list, say something like the following:

“Dear Universe (substitute your word), I invite these emotions, qualities, thoughts, and circumstances into my life to serve my highest good. I intend that these things will fuel me to be of better service, to be more present, to keep my heart open and to be an even better version of me.”

And that is it! Simple and beautiful. Sit back and enjoy the expansive feeling that often comes after this ritual. Over the next few days, notice the new energy available to you and shifts in the "songs" and stories in your mind.

Why do we burn?

The ritual of burning to release is a concrete way of demonstrating to yourself and the universe that you are ready to let go and flow. Not only is it important to release the old “songs” that you have been playing over and over, but burning your dreams and goals actually helps you manifest more quickly. You hold onto a dream because your ego, your fear-based self, feels the need to control how it happens. Your ego-self is afraid of it not happening and does not trust in the support of the universe. The trouble with this is that the fear of a dream not happening is a powerful detractor, and will counteract the manifesting process. This is just as much why you feel stuck as the “songs” you keep replaying. Burning the list of things you are calling in is a symbolic representation of letting go of the fear-based need to control and hold (anti-flow). By burning, you are freeing your dreams to come to you in the perfectly orchestrated way the universe creates. You are surrendering to the greater, divine mind that is in us all.


Better together

I love doing ritual in a group. Even just one other woman to witness your intentions, dreams, and release boosts the effectiveness and power of a ritual.

If you are interested in experiencing a full moon release in the company of supportive women, search in your area for women’s circles and groups. Meetup is a helpful online resource for finding like-minded women near you.

In the Greater Portland area? Join Sound Healer Andrea Wenger and me for Full Moon Release Rituals combining sound healing and creative expression. Learn more here.

What do you think?

Share your experience with burn rituals and full moon release ceremonies below.


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    Full moon release ritual for personal growth and manifesting
    Full moon release ritual for personal growth and manifesting
    Full moon release ritual for personal growth and manifesting