Artist Larissa Davis Monhegan Island Black Head Cliffs

Meteorites and magic on Monhegan Island

It has been some time since I connected with you.

I was planning to send a video of the art exhibit at Lifeworks, but time got away from me and soon I was in our Honda Insight, with my husband and two sons, on our way to Monhegan Island.

We went for a week and ended up being there for almost two.

I knew from my first week there that what really excited me was scrambling on the cliffs on the west side of the island. My body was not strong enough that first week, and it warned me that it was not quite ready for the adventures I dreamed of. But by the time I returned the second week (after a few days at home to manage the fallout from a tropical storm) my body was prepared.

My first foray was to White Head. I felt called strongly to the ocean. On that side of the island there is nothing between you and Europe and the cliffs drop steeply to the ocean and below, so extreme caution is necessary. I took my time. I checked in every step of the way with my body. How was it feeling physically, how was it feeling on a gut level…was I safe? I got to the water, sitting on the seaweed and dangling my bare feet in the ocean. I took a more adventurous route up the cliff face. After climbing almost to the top, I looked back and saw a tide pool deep and long enough to float in. I could feel my body say a big YES…so I planned a route down to the pool, leaving my backpack behind as a guide to follow on my way back. The pool was fairly close to the open ocean, so it had the feeling of an infinity pool. I gently picked my way over seaweed and barnacles, pushing off and floating in the soothing water. Even though the pool was shallow I felt a familiar fear of the unknown. Was I safe? Should I just get in and get back out? I took a few deep breaths and remained floating, feeling exhilarated and empowered. When I was done, I decided to try a more challenging route up. I was barefoot, and the rocks were pocked and pitted making for easy grip. I reached a point and knew that if I went any further I would lose my footing and slide painfully back down. I retraced my path back to the tide pool and up the original route to my backpack.

This adventure was the first of many, as I filled my days with barefoot walks along trails, catching songs on the wind, and navigating exciting and challenging terrain to bring my body to the water. I called these adventures off-grid swimming, and I felt again, like at Emerald Pool, the gift that moving water is to my body and spirit. Every step I took, I was present in the moment and completely conscious of my body. I expressed endless gratitude to it for taking me on these adventures. These exceptional experiences, alone in nature, challenging myself in new ways, nourished my body and soothed my soul in ways I never, ever imagined possible.

But it was not just the days that were packed with wonder. Evenings in my tent under a perfect sky charged me up in a totally different way. The energy of the earth and the vibrating light of the stars and milky way were electrifying and healing. One especially exciting night I lay on the grass under the sky until two in the morning thrilling as the universe sent shooting stars across the path of my gaze. I felt blanketed by the sky, and wondered at being held on a beautiful planet in the midst of a vast and stunning universe.

Artist Larissa Davis Monhegan Island Black Head Cliffs

Join me on Monhegan, off-grid swimming and dancing in the wind. Love what I am wearing? These are leggings and a sport top printed with my Humpback Whale painting. They get compliments every time I wear them. You can get the leggings here and the top here.

The world is changing

One thing that became even more clear to me during my time in Monhegan is that the earth is changing, and we are changing with her. This is our time to choose. How do we want to live? Are we going to continue to live in fear and enslave ourselves to worry, stress, anger, anxiety, depression, illness… or are we going to choose to be happy, vibrant, and free? Are we going to choose to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, and to let go of the patterns that have caused us so much suffering? I heard a beautiful clip from Lisa Nichols today. She was telling the story of the pivotal moment of her transformation from welfare mom to the person she is today. She described it as a doorway she stepped through. She said the mistake most people make is they try to take everything with them through that doorway, but it is only big enough for us to fit through alone. We have to be willing to leave it all behind, despite what others may think or how they may judge us, and step through the door to who we truly are. Now is the time. We are at that doorway. But we cannot fit through with all our old-life stuff. We are invited to let it all go, step through the door, and become the truth of who we have always been.

Meet you on the other side.

— Larissa

Original paintings are healing energy portals. If you are interested in an original but not sure how to make it happen, email me to discuss payment plans, exchanges, and lease-to-own possibilities.



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