New year mandala: Set goals, resolutions, and intentions from the heart

New Year Mandala

Set goals, intentions and resolutions from the heart


I spent a lot of time in the past making decisions based on logic, reason, and judgment. And what I discovered after many years was those decisions left me far from my true self, from my true calling. I created this New Year Mandala activity to help you find a new way of making choices about your life, your goals, and your intentions. It can be used any time of year, but the new year is a particularly potent time for such resolutions as the community around you is aligned to the same purpose.

The new year offers us a reset...a chance to clear away the old habits and start anew. But like any goal, a resolution will only succeed at bringing you joy and satisfaction when it comes from a place of clarity and gratitude...from your heart. That is the purpose of this New Year Mandala exercise.

New year mandala: Set goals, resolutions, and intentions from the heart

New Year Mandala for resolutions from the heart


— Markers, crayons, colored pencils or other way to color your mandala
— A journal or the New Year Mandala PDF
— Paper or canvas to make your mandala or the New Year Mandala PDF
— A pen or pencil

Set aside some quiet time just for you and sink into the questions below. This is not a test. There is no right or wrong. There is only you coming to know yourself and what is true for you. Create time and space where you can ground yourself and settle in, quieting your mind and becoming still and present in the moment. You might use a simple meditation like this one to begin.

New year mandala: Set goals, resolutions, and intentions from the heart

1. Reflections on the year past

Next, take a few moments to read each of the following prompts. Close your eyes and reflect upon them before writing. Note that it is not only our accomplishments that deserve our gratitude, but our regrets and obstacles which are often even greater teachers.

List three accomplishments you are proud of from the year past.

List three regrets. Regrets are things you wish you had done or experienced differently.

List three obstacles you encountered

New year mandala: Set goals, resolutions, and intentions from the heart

2. Wishes for the year ahead

Now turn your attention to the new year. Every goal, every intention, every intention begins with a desire, a wish for something more, something better. As you read through each prompt be sure to close your eyes and imagine. Your imagination is your secret weapon in achieving your goals and dreams. So let yourself drift on these questions. Let yourself feel them. Explore your inner landscape of hopes, dreams and desires like a long lost friend or lover, cherishing every nuance.

What are three wishes you have for yourself?

What are three wishes you have for your loved ones?

What are three wishes you have for the earth?

New year mandala: Set goals, resolutions, and intentions from the heart

3. Setting your new year intention

Whereas a wish is a seed, a starting point, an intention is a declaration of purpose. A wish will not grow without intention. Not every wish can or should be an intention. Look at your list of reflections and wishes, choose which will be your intention for the new year. If you find that there is a similar, underlying truth beneath your wishes, can you craft that truth into an intention?

Turn your wishes into intentions with the powerful words “I intend...” or “I will...” to create your intention statement.

4. Use your voice

Once you have your intention, try this. Stand up, place your hands on your hips in a "power stance" and say your intention out loud. You may feel silly at first. Try it again. Repeat your intention in this way several times.

Create your mandala

New year mandala: Set goals, resolutions, and intentions from the heart

Now for the fun part...creating your mandala!

1. Create a 3-tiered (1, 2 and 3 in the example) and 6-pointed (A-F in the example) mandala. I encourage you to follow your own creative ideas on how to create the shapes for your mandala. But it may be helpful to grab the circle template here.

2. After you have created the mandala shapes, write your intention in the center, and add in your reflections and wishes as follows:

– The three bottom points (A, B, C) are for your gratitudes from the previous year. Each set of points (1, 2, 3) are for the three accomplishments, three obstacles, and three regrets.

– The top three points (D, E, F) are for your wishes for the new year. Place your wishes for yourself in one set of points (D 1-3), your wishes for your loved ones in another (E 1-3) and for the earth in another (F 1-3).

3. Fill in your mandala with colors, shapes and designs. As you color each section, read and remember the items you write there:

– If it is a gratitude, recall it, feel gratitude for it.
— If it is a wish, imagine it, feel the energy of it in your body as you create, color, and play.
— If it is a regret, thank it.
— If it is an obstacle, ask that it be removed in the coming year

NOTE: The most important part of this activity is connecting with your feelings, memories, and dreams on an emotional level. This is the space where real intentions, goals, and resolution spring from, and how they
succeed. That is the invitation.

New year mandala: Set goals, resolutions, and intentions from the heart

Grab your free New Year Mandala Activity


Includes template, complete instructions, and video.


Let me know how it goes. I would love to hear any insights you discover!


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