Today was a good day. Another hot one. May 20th and 81 degrees…hot for Maine. In the garden Jeff and I have found a groove and the labor-intensive drive to create the beds has given way to playful creativity, changes in plans, and an openness to installing a watering system! Woo hoo! My body breathed a sigh of relief when we reached that decision.

I received an amazing gift today. It arrived at the end of the day as I sat writing on a canvas, a fresh one, straight out of the package, clean, white…an invitation to create anything. Energetically truly blank and open to receiving. This was a joy, as for some time I have been overpainting old works. But i digress.

As I was creating, I heard something moving in the studio entryway. I thought it might be Jeff. I looked up through the windows in the door to the entry. No Jeff. Still a noise. The cat? “Henrie kitty, is that you?” I called. I saw movement. I thought for a moment somehow her reflection was being cast from the floor up into the glass at the top of the door, but that made no sense. Dropping my assumptions, listening closely to the sound, I saw a hummingbird was trapped in the entry.

And this is the gift I received:

“Hummingbird, she beats her wings, dancing on the ceiling.
Seeking up and out to fly, upon a white, hard sky.

“This hummingbird has come to see me three times in five days.
What message to deliver does inspire such drastic ways?

“My coat held high to guide her out, instead she came to rest.
I stepped outside to set her free once she did catch her breath.

“Up and up and up she flew as if to reassure
that nature’s law of freedom reigns…

“No ceilings anymore!”

By: Larissa Davis©
All rights reserved
Without prejudice

Featured artwork: “I will not fail: Goddess of Perseverance”