Hello dear friend,

On Sunday, we began our journey eastward back towards Maine. After long days navigating around closed roads and snow storms in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado, we now rest our road-weary bodies at the home of a friend in southwest Missouri. This is how nature greeted us upon our arrival.

This state has been calling me to return, specifically to Columbia, where i spent two pivotal years in my teens.

They were life or death years.

The break in my being, separation from source, was straining to the point of total annihilation. i found it difficult to swallow food, and most nights i lay awake for hours, unable to sleep.

So, what changed?

i found the Chatauqua Center where a college student, Chris, freely shared his trance channelling gifts on tuesday nights. the waiting list was long, and it was several weeks before my name was called. When my turn came, i was seated cross-legged on the floor of the small room. 

It was always dramatic when christ let go. His entire body appeared to deflate and then reanimate. His guide spoke with words that were sometimes hard to understand, as if from an age long ago. He directed me to do something but i was not clear what, exactly. Fortunately, a middle-aged women in the circle interpreted “they are asking you to touch one of chris’s appendages.” i scooted closer to chris and put my hand on his leg. i was immediately given energy which i felt move into my body. Most of the rest of the memory of that evening has faded, but for almost two days my entire being was at peace. i could eat with ease and slept through the night. Though my trials were not over, my time at the center along with the many books that came to me and friends that supported me, slowly reawakened hope and meaning, and, most critically, the desire to live.

This morning’s scribble was made while soaking up the sun on my friend’s deck, in the company of her patient loving canine. The birds are singing prolifically, more birds than i have seen or heard since last summer in Maine. A creek runs along side the house, a field stretches out behind, and the only indication that we are not in nature’s paradise is the hum of car tires on pavement miles away.

The focus of this scribble is clear vision both inner and outer. 

The image i saw brought to mind focus, strength, integrity, and perseverance… but also another message only i would know. During my first semester at Stephen’s College in Columbia, i created a series of figures with paint and transparencies. And the one i remember clearly was in a very similar posture to this one. Sychroniscity.

The return to Columbia which is happening a few days from now, promises a reunion between many aspects of my being. i welcome it in stillness, silence, and awe.

Until next time…so much love,


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