Larissa Davis Sovereign Collection #0006: The Hundred Horses #006
6″ x 8″ • Acrylic on paper • February 2022

The idea for the Hundred Horses began last fall, in 2021. But as sometimes happens with big ideas, I was not ready for it. I was filled with patterns and programs that were interfering with any success that was waiting for me. I made a few horses, and then stopped. I had no idea how I would price them, share them, “market” them…and it all felt really uncomfortable. I was sure I would fail. This Horse is one of those I made back then and serves as a reminder of just how far I have come in such a short time.

These patterns were still present a few weeks ago when the inspiration struck to rekindle The Hundred Horses…. but enough had shifted inside of me that I overcame the resistance and blocks and dove in. I think a lot of it has to do with being willing to look at all the resistance with curiosity and just proceed. Also, the ability to share openly and honestly what is going on with me. Not hiding behind ideas of what is acceptable, what is expected, what is responsible and mature.

Yeah, that has all pretty much gone out the window.

I realize more and more the absolute requirement now is for utter truth in all dealings, be they on a social media platform which in the past I may have considered more about putting on a “face” for the book, or in our face to face relationships. I have noticed that it all takes time. Time to slow down and think about what I am saying…not just falling back on phrases and sayings and even words that are just not accurate. How often have I said “don’t stress it” when stress was not even part of the equation. My dear friend Andrea Wenger gently pointed this out to me when I sent her a quick audio message. And I have been on the other end of this where a friend too quickly wrote or spoke a message and I felt I had to clarify the truth of what I was feeling, rather than accept the words hastily chosen and spoken.

We are all called to come clean, to speak truthfully. Not to hurt others but in fact to free them. Last night I was reading book 3 of the Ringing Cedar series. I find it inspiring, unbelievable, and sometimes hard to read. But there are enough gems in these books that I keep going. At the beginning of book 3, a story is told of how Anastasia speaks honestly to a young girl and the truth sets her free, changes her life, and allows this girl to take charge, stop waiting, and start really living. This story rings so true. In what ways am i still lying to myself and even others to save feelings? These “white lies” are poison because they keep us from acting. Instead we wait, and wait, and wait.

What wonders will we create once we step forward, stop waiting to be saved, and take action as the powerful, creative, sovereign men and women we are?

I am not waiting anymore.

How about you?

The Hundred Horses series encompass 100 small mystery artworks created and released at the rate of 1 per day over 100 days. The series is offered at an exciting prelaunch price that increases daily as supply drops. The Hundred Horses are the premiere series of the Larissa Davis Sovereign Collection.

About the Sovereign Collection

“The inspiration for the Collection started with an exciting shift inside me that happened when I was looking through some bills. I suddenly realized that I had the power to create the means to pay these bills and I headed to the studio, telling my husband I was off to paint money! On a deep level, the Larissa Davis Sovereign Collection represents the value I place in myself, in what I create, and a shift in my idea of what “currency” is… and, in fact, that we can name and create our own currency. How much more precious and dear is the art I make, each piece created with a vibration supporting our collective awakening, than the greenback in my wallet?

“The Sovereign Collection is the container for my works for the next several years. Those who know me will not be surprised by the name of this collection as sovereignty is a fire inside me. But ironically, it took me some time to come up with the name. I wanted to marry the inspiration of “painting money” with a name that deeply represents the truth of me. Sovereign, once I caught the name, made perfect sense. A Larissa Davis Sovereign is the currency of me.”

—Larissa Davis

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