12″ x 9″• fabric, batting, thread, paint • Mint date: November 2022

The Passion Pumps

This artwork was created in 2017 after a dream in which i was searching in Italy for the perfect red shoes. i looked and looked, there were so many red shoes, but none were the right pair!
When i woke up i found an image of the shoe i was seeking in the dream. These are the Passion Pumps in which we wild women can dance our dreams into reality!

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About the Sovereign Collection

“The inspiration for the Collection started with an exciting shift inside me that happened when I was looking through some bills. I suddenly realized that I had the power to create the means to pay these bills and I headed to the studio, telling my husband I was off to paint money! On a deep level, the Larissa Davis Sovereign Collection represents the value I place in myself, in what I create, and a shift in my idea of what “currency” is… and, in fact, that we can name and create our own currency. How much more precious and dear is the art I make, each piece created with a vibration supporting our collective awakening, than the greenback in my wallet?

“The Sovereign Collection is the container for my works for the next several years. Those who know me will not be surprised by the name of this collection as sovereignty is a fire inside me. But ironically, it took me some time to come up with the name. I wanted to marry the inspiration of “painting money” with a name that deeply represents the truth of me. Sovereign, once I caught the name, made perfect sense. A Larissa Davis Sovereign is the currency of me.

The Hundred Horses were the premiere series of the Larissa Davis Sovereign Collection. Other Sovereign series include Sovereign Notes, From the Archives, and Wings.”

—Larissa Davis

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