Speak up: throat charka exercises for self-expression

Speak Up!

Throat Chakra Clearing for Self-Expression

If you struggle with expressing yourself, knowing how you feel, and speaking up, I know how painful it can be. You agonize over decisions, you second guess yourself, you punish yourself for not saying what is on your mind, and berate yourself for not knowing how you truly feel. I have been there.


I am Larissa, and for much of my life I had a hard time expressing myself but through my work as a Soul Path Artist that I have rediscovered my voice and can now speak up about what I truly want and feel. It is my goal to share tools to help you do the same.

For so many years I was unable to express myself. I believed I did not know what I wanted or how I felt. If anyone asked I would say “I don’t know.” I repeated this mantra for decades to the point that it belief ruled my life. After a while, I noticed things manifesting in the energy center which governs self-expression, the throat chakra. If you struggle with self-expression, knowing how you feel and what you want, and speaking up for yourself, you will benefit from exercises to bring your throat chakra back into balance.

Throat Chakra Qualities and Characteristics

Speak up: throat charka exercises for self-expression

The throat chakra, also known as the Vishuddha Chakra, is the fifth energy center in the chakras, and is located at the throat. Vishuddha means purification. Here’s some more info about this chakra:

  • — The color associated with the throat chakra is bright blue

  • — This energy center is relates to your ability to speak your truth and be authentic, and your creativity. As such, it is an important energy center to clear as part of any creative practice, and especially for a Soul Path Art practice where you are specifically using art as an expression of your soul and heart’s desire.

  • — Other body parts it realtes to are the neck, shoulders, arms and hands

  • — Bodily indicators that it is out of balance include sore throat, stiff neck, colds, thyroid trouble, and hearing problems

  • — The sense is hearing

  • — The seed sound is Ham

    — The element is ether, orAkasha

  • — Animals for this chakra are the elephant, bull, and lion

  • — Throat chakra minerals include turquoise, aquamarine, and celestite

  • — The planet (and mineral) of this charkra is Mercury

Speak up: throat charka exercises for self-expressionHow to Know When Your Throat Chakra is Balanced

When the throat chakra is balanced you feel more inspired, and you find it easy to speak your truth, you pursue creative solutions and activities, and express yourself fully. The throat chakra is the energy center for Soul Path art as when it comes into alignment, you develop both your creativity and your true self, your character.

How to Know When Your Throat Chakra is Out of Balance

When this chakra is out of balance it affects the thyroid system. This is such a common issue among women. When women reach mid-life they may experience more fatigue, exhaustion, and lethargy. It happened to me. All of a sudden in my mid-40s I found myself out of energy by late morning, and I was useless after lunch. The effects of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can also show up as digestive or weight problems. You can even develop a sore throat or neck pain if your throat chakra is blocked.

Some ways a throat chakra imbalance can manifest

For me, I will actually feel my throat get tight and I get a sense of building stress and pressure. At different points in my life I would notice that tightness. It was a constant companion for during my years as a professional art director and creative director for a large corporation. I would feel a constriction around my throat, and even when I was aware of it I was often unable to release that tension. When I turned 40 I also noticed ringing in my ears, affecting hearing, the throat chakras "sense."

Another way it shows up is in not being able to express emotions, thoughts, ideas, and desires. This was another big one for me. My emotions were so blocked up! I remember singing along to a favorite song in the car and bursting into tears, and feeling my tight throat choking off my self-expression. So, if you are suffering in this way, I have been there in the trenches. I know what you are going through. And I promise, you can get to the other side.

Exercises to Clear the Throat Chakra

The other day the old friend, tight throat, showed up when I got really stressed over some work I had to get done. I tried to just relax but it was not working. I needed to do something more to address the energy block. Below are some simple and powerful things you can do to release your throat chakra if you are feeling any symptoms of blockage.

Throat Chakra Clearing with Sound

Speak up: throat charka exercises for self-expression

A powerful way to clear the throat chakra is through sound. In fact, the element for this chakra is sound! There are a couple of suggestions for you to incorporate sound into your practice:

— Listen to a chakra clearing song. You can actually search for these on YouTube. There are songs for all the chakras, so just search for throat chakra clearing.

— While listening, try making sound as the song plays. You can just make sounds, no need to use words. If you feel like you need a warm up, start with humming.

— Chant bija mantra for the throat chakra, Ham, pronounced “hum.” Imagine clear blue light radiating out from your throat as you chant.

— Singing is a great way to clear your throat. Put on your favorite song and sing along, or grab your guitar and strum out a tune.

— Speak about your dreams and goals with a loved one. Share your feelings with a close friend. Even if you are not yet perfectly clear, you can begin by having a conversation about how you are learning to express yourself more freely. You may be surprised by what your vulnerability opens up in others.

— Write about how you feel. Not only does writing help you connect with your true feelings, studies show that it boosts your immune system, too!

Clear Your Throat Chakra with Movement

Speak up: throat charka exercises for self-expressionThere are some specific movements you can do to help relax and clear the energy of the throat chakra.

Energy medicine, a practice popularized by Donna Eden, has an exercise specifically for the thyroid. All you do is place the middle and pointer fingers of both hands at the center of your Adam’s apple and do this:

First, draw your fingers away from each other moving one hand up toward your head and the other hand down toward your collar bones as you breathe out. Bring them back to center, breathe in, and on your out breath, draw them away from each other, one to the left and the other to the right. You have now created a cross on your Adam’s apple. Returning to center, on your next out breath, move your fingers diagonally away from one another. Return to center and repeat that diagonal movement in the opposite direction.

Yoga is another big helper when it comes to opening the throat chakra. You can look on YouTube for practices with a throat chakra practice. My personal favorite yogi is Ali, The Journey Junkie, who has an entire free chakra yoga series. But if you want to go at it on your own, here are some great
postures for the throat chakra:

— Head and neck rolls (be careful
to protect your neck)
— Supported Fish Pose
— Puppy Pose
— Lion’s Breath
— Some other options are Plow Pose,
Shoulder Stand, and Fish Pose

In my experience, yoga really does move energy, and often this comes with an emotional release. Don’t be concerned if as you flow through these postures you feel strong emotion. Let it out. Releasing emotion is a powerful way to clear stuck energy.

Clear Your Throat Chakra with Creativity

Because the throat chakra is all about creativity and self-expression, any way in which you express yourself through creativity is an avenue for clearing your throat chakra. I find dancing is a hugely powerful way to get my energy flowing. And I also love painting. But the easiest and most accessible way to tap into visual creativity may be coloring. You can get a beautiful throat chakra coloring page in the FREE RESOURCES LIBRARY. Get your free access code here. Dive into the color blue and explore all it’s variations as you color the mandala. Allow your being to swim in the color blue, shifting your vibration and clearing your energy center.

Speak up: throat charka exercises for self-expression

More Resources for Clearing Your Throat Chakra

As you begin working with your creativity and your energy to heal your self-expression, another important component is your intuition. Trusting your gut feelings and intuitions is a cornerstone of being able to express yourself authentically and confidently. A great exercise for building your intuition is the 5-Minute Scribble exercise which you can find in the Free Resource Library. Get your free access code here.

When I began this journey, having a supportive group was a huge help! The Soul Path Network is a free private Facebook group with women like you, finding their voice through creative self-expression. Come join us!

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