Wings Transformational Creative Retreats for Women with Larissa Davis and Leah Wentworth

Wings 2023

Transformational Creative Retreats for Women with Artist Larissa Davis and Transformational Coach Leah Wentworth.

A circle of women journeying in trust, discovering their truth, uncovering their authenticity, and finding their wings. The Wings Retreat series


Within you is everything you need: the truth of you, your authentic self, lies like a buried treasure waiting to be uncovered by you! Your quest has always been to reveal your authenticity, live your truth, and express the beautiful, unique light of you. During the Find Your Wings Retreat you will explore, discover, and name this authentic YOU as you find your wings.

In an intimate group of women, you will journey to your authentic self with the guidance of Transformational Coach Leah Wentworth and explore intuitive creativity to find and create your wings with artist Larissa Davis. No prior experience is needed.


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About Larissa andLeah

Find Your Wings Retreat 2022 with Larissa Davis and Leah Wentworth

I am so excited to be partnering with my friend, Leah Wentworth, on these special experiences. If you do not yet know the bright light that is Leah, you are in for a treat. Leah and i have been playing together for a couple of years now, inspiring each other to explore and go on new adventures. To help you get to know us and learn about the retreat, we made these videos for you.

Leah has a ton of “tools in her tool belt,” so to speak, from Health and Life Coaching to Tapping and Reiki ... but what really lights her up is collaboration and transformational experiences with and for women, with an emphasis on embodiment and the healing power of being in nature.

I am an artist and Creative Coach and what really lights me up is collaborating with other amazing women in transformational experiences, connecting with nature, and exploring creative self-expression. I am looking forward to this series of retreats with Leah.