Born Free

A poem to heal the trauma of birth

I was born free

A force of nature

A piece of infinity

I grew within my mother's womb

And she was happy knowing soon

She'd be a mum to a darling girl

perhaps a child with hair in curls.

Yet the birth was not what exactly right

Under brilliant, blinding light

a magic pill did quell the pain

it was the way, unquestioned then

and mum, unconscious, did not feel

as I was born, it felt unreal.

as men in gloves and gowns and masks

using forceps gripping fast

placed hard metal on my head

Giving rise to deepest dread

As pulled I was into the light

Wrapped and swaddled, filled with fright

What unholy place was I in

Where was my mum, my dad, my kin?

Where was the breast and mum's sweet milk

to give my body blessed health?

Taken to a plastic box

and tagged so I would not be lost

There I lay in blinding light, all alone, was this my life?

Tagged and numbered, on the books, registered

a new live birth.


My darling little baby dear I would embrace you, quell your fear

Despite the way you feel right now, you be free

though you know not how,

someday your soul shall grace the land

Rising in your power, stand

singing songs, air fills your lungs,

sharing songs no one has sung

The gift you came to earth to be

buried down deep within thee

will never be forgot or lost, nay, it will rise at any cost

the song you are,

the song you sing

does liberty and freedom bring

It rises from your tender heart

At first it makes a quiet start

but as time passes, you will hear

the song you be grow loud and near

Your voice with confidence will rise as you turn your gaze up to the skies

and let all beings know you're here,

despite your start

despite your fear

Despite the lies you once believed

the lies that kept you small and weak

you remember who you are

why you came and traveled far

across the skies, between the stars

to be here


the gift you are.

My dear sweet child, you are born free

Unquenchable facet of infinity


who you truly be.