Gratitude and Money


I had a profound experience listening to a free Deepak Chopra meditation on gratitude.

He began by directing us to think of three things we are grateful for and then, one at a time, to focus on each one and send it gratitude.

He emphasized it is about the feeling.

Next, he asked that we imagine the object of our gratitude receiving the gratitude and responding.

Manifesting Money

My big breakthrough was about money.

Earlier that day I received a check in the mail. I felt relieved, but had not shown it any gratitude. And as I thought on it, I began to see how I do not direct gratitude toward the money I receive. Rather, I do just the opposite. When money comes in, the energy is rushed and stressful. I immediately think it has already been spent and rush to get it deposited so it can be sent back out again. And I absolutely never, EVER, take time to appreciate the money I receive.

So I decided to change that. With my eyes closed, I envisioned the check, the signature, the amount. I saw it sitting on the top of the shelf where I had left it. I took it in. I felt how much goodness that check, that money, would bring. How much ease. I felt gratitude. I felt happiness at its arrival.

Then, as Deepak suggested, I envisioned the check receiving that gratitude. And you know what? It was happy! It was light and bubbly and overjoyed to be recognized. Rather than me dismissing it as something transient, destined to be gone in a short time, out of my life, I acknowledged and appreciated it for coming to me.

I think this is a pretty big deal.


Because where good feelings flow more good feelings follow. Now that the energetic entity that is MONEY is aware of the gratitude it will receive when it flows to me, more is sure to follow. I have opened a door. I have made SPACE. I did not have space for it before. My attitude up until now, seeing money as something that comes in and turns back around, something scarce, something that causes stress, was tight, it was constricted. There was no room in that attitude for money to bring goodness, happiness, light, joy. There was just no room for money to be in my life with that attitude. And through this simple exercise I felt a huge shift in me. It was a cool breeze on a hot day. It was like opening a window in an attic where no air had moved for decades.

Energy is energy

This reminds me of a young man I talked with at a mind body spirit festival recently. I asked about his hobbies and loves and he told me of his time spent working on his car. He said it puts him is a great headspace. He pours his love into that car, feeling a ton of gratitude and appreciation for it. He mentioned how much different it is when he works on his car versus working on the cars he details for his job at a dealership. I think it is because he is receiving back from his car over and over. Each moment he devotes to caring for his car, he is pouring love and gratitude into the vehicle, and it receives all that good energy, all that amazing vibration, and is like a beautiful intention machine, vibrating and feeding it right back to him!

Because everything is energy and vibration whether it is animate or inanimate.

Ready to meditate?

Deepak and Oprah team up to bring the world a free 21-day meditation series from time to time and the next one is starting soon. Sign up here.

If you would like to listen to the gratitude meditation I mention in this post you can find it here.

Your turn!

How about you? What are you grateful for? Take a moment to close your eyes and picture it, letting your gratitude flow. Share your gratitudes and experiences in the comments below.


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