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HUMPBACK WHALE reminds us we are not alone. As the whale is held by the ocean, we are supported by the source of all creation of which we are a part. Togetherness is the way forward. Let go and trust. You are held.

Archival Art Prints (giclée) 8 x 10 and 11 x 14

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    I have felt alone in life, like the weight of the world is all on me. Like I have to go it alone. My intention as I began working on this piece was to transform this energy. I began with a soul scribble and saw a whale. As I wrote about what the whale meant to me, I felt the huge weight of the whale, like the life-crushing burden I have carried…the weight of feeling that I am alone, responsible for taking care of everything. The whale was telling me that if I can change this story, I will see that the weight I have felt is actually held by what is around me… just like the whale’s body is supported by the ocean. The ocean is like the universe of spirit, the vortex of creation, the guides and angels and ancestors around us, holding and supporting and celebrating our dreams, hopes, and desires. The whale can go anywhere with ease despite her enormous size. Likewise, all we need do is speak our desires aloud, dream, create and write about them, dance and sing them, and the ocean of support around us will celebrate with us as our dreams become our reality.

    Other meanings of whale include listening to your inner voice when making decisions, and embracing your emotions and the way they affect you.

    Archival art (Giclée) prints

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