tiger Symbolism: Spirit animal meaning

Tiger Symbolism


Looking up the symbolic meaning of an animal in a book or on a website is one way to learn about the message it has for you, but there are others tools can be even more rewarding, and can help you find the specific and unique meaning the animal has for you.

My advice when using an outside source is to pay close attention to your emotions. Whenever you notice a strong emotion, you have struck upon something that has special meaning for you. With that in mind, let’s see how you respond to this description of tiger symbolism.

Message and meaning of the tiger

tiger Symbolism: Spirit animal meaning

Pay attention to your emotions as you read through the following description. If you feel ANY strong emotion, either a strong YES or a strong NO, make note of it.

Tiger symbolism is all about power, stealth, focus, strength, and tenacity. If you have a task to do that feels overwhelming or repetitive, call on tiger energy to maintain the focus and patience required. If there is a task that seems beyond your abilities, tiger teaches us that we have the strength and power to tackle anything with confidence. If tiger is in your life, ground into the intensity of this animal’s energy in order to achieve anything you desire. And then when the task is done, relax, play, and enjoy yourself!

Did anything you read cause an emotional response? If it did, that is an area that has meaning and learning for you. If not, no worries. The message your animal has for you is personal and unique to you. The steps below will help you uncover the true message Tiger has for you.

tiger Symbolism: Spirit animal meaning

Three steps for uncovering the unique messages of your spirit animal

These three steps will help you discover the deeper, more personal meaning and message your animal has for you. I recommend following at least one of these three steps to gain deeper understanding of the unique message of your spirit animal.

  1. Write about your animal. Write everything that comes to mind. Write without concern for spelling or punctuation. Write to get it all out, every last association, memory, preconceived notion, and judgement. Write stream-of-consciousness and pour everything out onto the page. Doing this, you will get all the superficial associations out of the way and connect to the deeper meaning and message your animal has for you.
  2. Study your animal. Research all it's qualities, where it lives, what it does, what it eats, what kind of relationships it has. Create a journal about your animal and really get to know it. If something strikes you, write about it in more depth to discover what about it has meaning for you. Be open to surprises. Often memories and associations arise unexpectedly that deliver messages we need to hear.
  3. Make a collage about your animal. Collect images of your animal and of places, objects, patterns, and colors that you associate with your animal. Glue them to a piece of cardboard, heavy paper, or foam core. Add any special words or messages on the board.
  4. Do a soul scribble to discover other messages your animal has for you.

By following one or all of the above steps you will uncover the true message your spirit animal has for you and come to a deeper level of appreciation of all it can do for you.

Continuing to work with your spirit animal

As you evolve and grow your spirit animal may return to you with new messages. Aspects of your animal which did not resonate in the past will suddenly have meaning. Be open. Do not lock your spirit animal into the messages it first delivered. Instead, greet your spirit animal with fresh eyes, as it meeting if for the first time, and receive the insights it is bringing you.


I am Larissa Davis, Creative Goddess and Brave Creator!

When an unexpected change prompted me to seek the deeper meaning in my life, I began the journey to find my passion and purpose. It began with a pledge not to make any major decisions or changes until I was listening to the voice within. After several months, I had a dream that told me to use painting to heal myself and envision my future. I began sketching that day and immediately experienced the power of creativity to still my mind. Further exploration led me to the discovery of intentional creativity, and certification as a Creatively Fit Coach.

Now, I passionately share this process I call Soul Path Art with other souls ready to recover their lost creative goddesses, break through limitations, and live the passionate, creative lives they deserve.

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