It is time to reaffirm my pledge to unity.

I am celebrating the first day of a month for re-tuning to the voice within. The more I learn, the more people I have interviewed, the more books I read, the more I understand that every healing art, every act of creativity, every action we take and thought we think and emotion we feel, is all about finding unity. My journey began in 2016 with the pledge not to make any major changes until I was unified. Six months later inspiration struck, it flooded in and Ii felt on fire, alive, and awakened. I thought I had achieved my goal. For months I felt sure I had the solution and I wanted to crow it from the rooftops. Yet the deeper I go on this journey, the more i believe that the breakdown of the ego, that part that was so sure i had it all figured out, is key to finding and maintaining the unity I seek.

In my interview series I have heard another message...each one of these amazing women is speaking of accepting all the parts of ourselves. I accepted that I am a multi-dimensional being, first stepping into that understanding in my #creativelyfitcoach training. But now I clearly I see that the facets of myself which I have connected with thus far have been an exclusive club: The successful, the light, the beautiful. So, today I dive in once again to accept myself more fully. I dive in to connect with the parts of me who I have hidden from myself. The parts I have pretended do not exist. The dark, the neglected, the shadow, the unnurtured... the wild, the expressive, the powerful.

And on the other side? Well, the intention is still, as always, to be unified.

But what does unity mean?

When I made the pledge in 2016 unity was about listening to the inner voice, the intuition, and letting that call the shots.

Now it is broader.

It includes the above, but also includes accepting all the aspects of myself mentioned above. It is about looking to the light, to the good, to the optimistic and the joyous parts of me, and also welcoming the parts I have rejected. Welcoming the insecure me, the angry me, the fearful me, the reluctant me, the part of me who feels unloved, the part of me who tries to hold everything together, the part of me who wants to give up...all of it. In accepting it all, I feel I will be releasing resistance to being all of me, I will allow energy to move, and I will find greater freedom. I suppose the way I will know I am more unified is in that feeling of more freedom. Kind of like when you have a good cry over something that has been residing in you for a long time. It is exhausting and also a relief, it is painful, lik ethe quick pain of tearing off a bandaid, but the other side of it you find you can breathe! I am moving toward a unified me that feels more self-acceptance, less seriousness, more playfulness, more compassion.

In the interviews I have done, the whole person, emotional freedom (EFT tapping is amazing!) and moving energy have resonated with me. And in the most recent yet to be released interview we discuss something really exciting...the idea of the alter-ego! I am excited to explore this concept through art and writing this month, and to sharing the insights and ah-has that come.

This fish art is one of 4 mini paintings I did today all relating to the deep dive within. A fish, a whale, an owl, and then a woman, me, swimming, struggling over the waves, resisting going below the surface. And a soul scribble showed me a boot, telling me just take the first step (like with the chicken-dinosaur) one step at a time. All I need to know, ever, is the one step I am taking in this moment. I do not need to know the entire unfolding. I can trust the process. I can be sure-footed by being here now, in this moment, in this action, and being open to what shows up next.

Your turn

What does unity mean to you? Is there another word that resonates more strongly with you? What do you do to connect, and listen withing?


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