Larissa Davis Sovereign Collection: Wings

Larissa Davis Sovereigns

Wings Series

May 2022

“My vision for the Sovereign Collection is to proliferate the vibration of freedom and sovereignty that is our birthright, to question what currency is, and consider in what we place value. Sovereigns are unique original mystery artworks created from the vibration of me... In essence, they are the currency of me.”

Sovereigns are small, mystery artworks created and released at the average rate of one per day. These mystery artworks are created to be collected and traded, and each Sovereign can be“spent” like money in exchange for any other Sovereign.The price of Sovereigns increases gradually over time as supply drops. There is currently a 30-day backorder.

Sovereigns collectors express excitement and anticipation as they await the arrival of their mystery artwork. New Sovereigns are released each day in our private Telegram group, a lively place to meet collectors, share photos of your Sovereigns, and trade, and can also be found on this site.


Sovereigns are created and released an average of one each day and there are currentlyfewer than 110 in circulation. There is a 30-day waiting list but you can pre-order nowto lock-in today’s price and you will receive the next available Sovereign. There are also limited-numbered series, such as The Hundred Horses, Sovereign Notes, and Wings.

The Wings Series

The Sovereign Collection launched with the Hundred Horses series which sold out within three weeks. I am excited to share the new series of Sovereigns, Wings, taking the themes of freedom and sovereignty to new heights. Wings will be approximately 12" x 9" and limited in number to one hundred original artworks. Preorder your Wings here

Current Sovereign Price: $33

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Spendability: Refresh and Renew

One cool and fun part of owning a Sovereign is that you can enjoy new art for the rest of your life because each Sovereign can be exchanged for any other Sovereign available now or in the future —regardless of the future price. One Sovereign = One Sovereign. Your Sovereign retains its value and appreciates over time. You can exchange your Sovereign artwork as your space and energy needs change. Contact Larissa for more information.

How To Collect Sovereigns

There is currently about a 30-day backorder. Once you acquire your first Sovereign you will receive an invite link to join our private Telegram Group where you can discuss, buy, sell and trade with other collectors.

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The Legacy Collection spans the time from my reawakening as an artist in 2017 through the end of 2021.
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